12 July 2022


  • Fuzzy Search

  • File Management

  • Multipart Upload

  • Bulk Add Record

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

Fuzzy Search 🔎🚀

Fuzzy Search is here! This highly requested and anticipated feature includes a more performant search engine, normalization of words (i.e. party vs parties), case-insensitive support, flexible expressions (words, phrases, and negations), weighted priorities (i.e. title vs description) for relevance, and more!

Xano's new search features the database and query working as seamlessly together as ever. By creating a search index in a database table you can define the fields included in the search and their ranking of importance. The index becomes surfaced in the custom query so you can build a search on multiple fields with a single line! The ranking of importance allows you to sort the results based on relevance to the search parameters.

All of that is just the beginning! For step by step instructions on how to use the new fuzzy search and all the awesome other features check out our documentation.

File Management (for Media Storage) 🗂️

File Management allows you to manage all files associated with a workspace. On the left-side navigation bar under Library, you can find the file management interface called "Files."

From there you can view and manage all files (images, videos, audio, and attachments) in your workspace. The files that show up here include any uploaded directly to your database, uploaded directly to the file management page, or created through the API or function stack.

The file management feature shows the files in your media storage. It also enables you to delete any files you wish to remove. Please be extra careful because deleting is permanent and cannot be undone.

If you'd like to read more information please visit our documentation.

Multipart Upload Support for External APIs 📷

We just added support for multipart uploads on external APIs! What exactly does that mean? It means that you can now send attachments (images, videos, pdfs, etc.) to 3rd party services leveraged in your app via the external API request function.

You can accomplish multipart upload by utilizing the file resource input or function stack item that creates a file resource from a variable. If you are using an external API that requires multipart upload be sure to read the requirements of how to pass the attachment. Xano can send the attachment however is needed: as a key-value pair or as the entire parameter.

Want to read more about multipart upload? Check out the documentation.

Bulk Add Record Function 💪

Introducing a brand new function: Bulk Add Record. This function allows you to add a list to your database without the need for a loop in your function stack. Previously, a For Each Loop was required to iterate through the list of items then add each item, one by one, to your database table. This function does it all for you in one seamless process.


Bypass Webflow Form Submission Limit with Xano!

Previously, we instructed users who wanted to have Webflow form submissions sent to their Xano database to utilize a webhook. This works, however it also counts against your Webflow form submission limit. This is no longer necessary, thanks to a small piece of custom code.

Bubble and Xano Part 1: User Authentication (login) and Displaying Data Belonging to User

User Authentication between Xano and Bubble can be accomplished by storing the auth token in the current user's object. This can then be used to hit authenticated endpoints in Xano so you can do things like separate data that is unique to the logged-in user.



  • [New] Copy support for resulting payloads in various steps of the debugger view - We've added a quick copy button to the various steps of the debugger so you can quickly grab a payload from any step for testing.

  • [New] Added Lambdas Libraries: node:http and node:https

  • [New] New Filter: create_object_from_entries - Create Object From Entries allows you to take a list of key / value pairs and consolidate them into a single object. Check out the tutorial on how to use it.

  • [New] Environment Variable $datasource - A new environment variable allows you to detect the active data source through the function stack.

  • [New] Median Aggregation for Query All Records - Query All Records now includes median support in the aggregation return type.

  • [New] Index Support for Date Fields - You can now apply an index to a date field. An index can be handy as your database grows in size and query performance slows down.

  • [New] Addon Management - We've added the Addon ID number to the Addons page for easier management of Addons. Previously it was hard to identify which Addon was which but now they more closely resemble the Functions page.



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