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6 November 2023

Hey everyone,

October was a thrilling month filled with events and big milestones. We held events in Chicago, New York, and Paris, in addition to attending the No-Code Summit and BubbleCon. It was such a pleasure meeting so many of you in person and learning from your feedback on how we can improve Xano. We also officially announced we closed our Series A, which is a huge testament to all your trust and support.

Our team was also hard at work on improving the product. Check out the exciting new enhancements we launched this past month below.

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚨 Introducing 24-Hour Support (Monday-Friday)

We heard you loud and clear. Your workday doesn't always fit within our normal business hours, and you need support no matter when you're working in Xano. Our user base is diverse and global, and our support should be as well. That's why we're thrilled to announce that starting today, you can reach the Xano support team 24 hours a day. Whether you're diving into a project after hours in New York, or relying on Xano for your day-to-day operations in Tokyo, we'll be here to collaborate with you and ensure your experience is outstanding.

You can still count on the exceptional support you've come to expect from Xano, now with the added benefit of around-the-clock assistance.

Please note that while our weekday support is now continuous, weekend and holiday support remains exclusive to our premium support packages.

🌏 New Server Regions

We added more server regions for our growing customer base to have more control over where their data resides. We've long supported regions in the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, and India. In addition to these, we've added the following:

🌏 Indonesia (Jakarta)
🌍 France (Paris)
🌏 Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
🌍 Belgium
🌏 Japan (Tokyo)
🌏 South Korea (Seoul)

All our paid plans can choose the region of their choice at the time of upgrading. If you're already on a paid plan and wish to change your server location, follow these instructions.

πŸ” Private Files Library

Store files in your Private Files Library and ensure that these files are not accessible via public URLs. Paired with the new Private Files function, you can generate signed URLs to your private files that will expire after a duration of time that you specify.

πŸ—οΈ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Input Renaming - When renaming an input you can now auto-update all references to the inputs in the function stack.

  • Custom SSL Certificates on External API Request - When building an external API request, you now can control settings related to SSL certificate verification.

  • Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Login for Enterprise - Support added for Azure AD Login for Enterprise plans.

  • Billing Page Enhancements - The billing page underwent a facelift so it's much clearer to understand each plan, their features, and what add-ons are available.

🫢 Community Events

Last month, we had the privilege of meeting so many of you in person at events like the No-Code Summit, BubbleCon, and our various meet-ups in New York, Chicago, and Paris.

  • No-Code Summit - we attended the No-Code Summit in Paris and were thrilled to meet so many of you in person! Thank you to all of you who said hello and your continued support of Xano. We hope to see you again next year!

  • Xano + WeWeb Meet-Up - while in Paris, we joined our friends at WeWeb to host a meet-up. We had an awesome turnout as people networked, chatted, and unwinded from the No-Code Summit.

  • BubbleCon - I attended BubbleCon in New York City, it was awesome to see such a large turnout and the exciting things coming to Bubble. I felt the love from all the Xano-Bubble builders in attendance.

  • New York - during BubbleCon I was able to host a meetup where we discussed feedback, feature requests, and networked.

  • Chicago - Chris hosted a meet-up in Chicago and got to many a handful of you for some great discussion and feedback sessions.

πŸ“£ Series A Funding

In case you missed it, we raised $10M for our Series A. (Check out our blog to learn more) Once again, we cannot thank you all enough for the endless support and trust for us to deliver the best backend on the market. We will continue to improve Xano in as many ways as possible and are excited for a future of many more milestones.

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features or in general? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead

5 October 2023

Hey everyone,

I'm excited for you to check out this month's product update. Our team has been hard at work implementing some features driven by our awesome community. We launched a brand new integration and enhancements to improve your workspace organization and Xano experience.

Best of all, we have been meeting more and more of you in person at our meet-ups! This past month we held a meetup in Austin, Texas, and have more coming this month in Chicago, Paris, and New York! Keep reading to see how you can RSVP to one of our upcoming in-person events; we'd love to meet you!

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚨 ncScale Integration

We love partnering with other powerful No-Code platforms. Now, from the Connect Center, you can integrate your Xano workspace directly with ncScale! NcScale is a No-Code tool that enables observability, monitoring, and enhanced logging for your API endpoints, background tasks, and function stacks.

NcScale allows you to store API request history and background task history for up to 30 days. Additionally, it gives you a birds-eye view of all your Xano business logic so you can identify any potential errors or bugs and quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

🦾 Condensed Function Stack

We've heard from many of you that the Function Stack can take up a lot of real estate on the page. We've introduced a default condensed Function Stack view to help. You can still switch back to the original, more expanded view with the click of a button. There's more to come to make this even better, we hope you enjoy the first step down this path.

🏷️ Tags

Tags help you organize different objects in your workspace. Tags can be applied to:

  • Database Tables

  • API Endpoints

  • Custom Functions

  • Tasks

Tags are available across all different pieces of a workspace. This means, for example, that a database table and an API endpoint can share the same tag. Tags work with Xano's universal search (Crtl/Cmd + K), so you can search for content by their associated tags. Plus you can click on a tag to see related objects with the same tag.

☁️ Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Functions

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Functions are now live for Launch and Scale plans! Last month, we launched Google Cloud Storage functions, and this month we've expanded upon these to enable Amazon S3. You can now manage and interact with Amazon S3 storage buckets directly from your Xano Function Stack. This continues to unlock file-intensive use-cases giving you full control over your files through your cloud storage provider of choice.

πŸ“ˆ Instance Usage Monitoring Graph Enhancements

In a continuous effort, we're listening to your feedback on giving you more and more insights into how your instance is performing. You now have the ability to view Lambda, Redis, and Tasks compute usage on your instance usage graph. There is also the option to toggle on and off each item, so it's easier for you to track the individual usage of each component.

πŸ—οΈ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Database Lock - lock database table rows on query all records and get record until a database transaction is complete.

  • Console.log for Lambdas - insert console.log(); statements into Lambda functions, and the output of those statements will appear in the Debug Log section of the Run & Debug panel.

  • Bulk Edit Custom Functions & Background Tasks - apply tags or delete in bulk for custom functions and background tasks.

  • Task History Improvement - support added for detailed information on which step of a background task is currently in execution.

  • WebP Image Support - support added for WebP image types as uploaded images inside Xano.

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· No-Code Summit in Paris

The No-Code Summit is happening October 10th-11th in Paris. Come say bonjour at the Xano booth, and catch my presentation (October 10th at 4:15 pm) and Prakash's presentation (October 11th at 4:15 pm).

πŸ“£ More Upcoming Meet-ups & Events

  • We'll be hosting Xano meet-ups in the following cities this month:

    • Chicago (October 11th) - RSVP here

    • Paris (October 11th) - RSVP here

    • New York (October 24th) - Details coming soon - watch your inbox and Twitter!

  • I will also be at BubbleCon in New York City from October 24th-25th! If you're going let me know on Twitter (https://twitter.com/MichaelUdinski) or in the Community!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead

6 September 2023

The past month has brought tremendous enhancements to our Xano plans. We've significantly boosted performance on all paid plans, introduced a new Launch plan, and bolstered the Free plan. But that's not all, we added even more features and functionality - and continue to do so at an impressive pace. Plus, we're tackling more feature requests to ensure that Xano is shaped to serve the needs of our awesome supporters. There's even a special promotion that our friends at Adalo worked with us to put together. Check out all this and more below!

πŸŽ‰ Special Offer: Bundle Adalo & Xano and Save!

We've partnered with Adalo to bring you a limited-time offer. First-time subscribers to Adalo's Team or Business plan can get a FREE Xano monthly Launch plan - that's a $99 value.

How To Get This Amazing Offer:

Subscribe to Adalo's Team or Business plan, and Adalo's team will email you with the specific details of how to take advantage of this offer. Don't wait! The opportunity is only valid through the end of the year.

To get the deal and see terms & conditions head over to Adalo.com/integrations/xano.

🌟 Highlights 🌟

πŸš€ Xano Plans: Major Performance Upgrades, A New Launch Plan, & More

Major Performance Upgrades

We made some huge enhancements to all of our plans including a 40% performance increase to ALL of our paid plans.

A New Launch Plan

Earlier this month, we unveiled a more powerful, feature-rich Launch plan at a new price starting at $85/month annually or $99/month monthly. Some of the new features include:

  • Branching & Merging

  • Test Data Source

  • Cloud Storage Functions

  • 2X Performance Boost For Background Tasks

Existing Launch users don't need to upgrade to the new, enhanced Launch plan but can do so at a 20% discount before September 30th. The discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

A More Generous Free Plan

Our free plan is as generous as ever:

  • Record limit raised from 10,000 to 100,000 records!

  • API Rate Limit of 500 requests/day removed.

More Awesome Enhancements

  • Upgrade to unlimited background tasks for $29/mo

  • Scale Plan

    • Improved load balancing capacity

    • 2X performance boost on background tasks

    • Enterprise features available as add-ons (Database connectors, RBAC, Xano Link, and Static IP)

Not sure what plan to choose? We made a quick video to help you decide.

🦾 Try/Catch

Introducing the Try/Catch function! Try/Catch is a common programming statement that allows for error handling if detected in a set of logic, known as Try. If an error does occur, you can define another set of logic to execute called Catch. Learn more about this useful function in the video below.

βš™οΈ Direct Database Connector

The Direct Database Connector allows you to interact directly with the Xano PostgreSQL database and connect it to an external service that requires direct access. Previously, this was reserved as an Entperise feature but it's now available as an add-on for Scale plans! Read more in our documentation here.

ℹ️ Debug Log

Debug Log allows you to output data or messages to a temporary log, very similar to Javascript's console log feature. This can be useful for debugging long-running loops, larger function stacks, or just giving you quicker access to reviewing certain data points during execution.

You may have used Stop & Debug for something similar in the past; Debug Log takes this a huge step forward by allowing multiple data points to be logged without stopping the execution of the function stack.

πŸ” Function Search

We added a search bar to the Add Function menu so you can quickly find and add functions to your function stack to reduce clicks.

πŸ—οΈ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • CSV Stream - efficiently iterate through CSV files regardless of file size without requiring large amounts of memory.

  • Static IP - Static IP address for outgoing API requests is now available as an add-on. This is commonly required by 3rd party API providers requiring an IP whitelist.

  • Whitelist/Denylist IP - new support within the Security Policy (Enterprise feature) for Whitelist/Denylist for IP addresses to control access to your API endpoints.

πŸ‘€ Coming Soon

Have you checked out our roadmap? Here's a sneak peek at some things we're working on:

  • Console.log for Lambdas

  • Webp support for images

  • Support for automatically updating references to renamed database fields

πŸ“£ Other News & Announcements

  • Last month, we held an in-person meet-up in Denver led by our Community Manager, Liz Anaya Ramos. Interested in a Xano meet-up near you? Let Liz or myself know at community.xano.com!

  • I'm headed to the FlutterFlow Developer Conference in NYC on September 12th. Let me know if you'll be attending or find me there to get some Xano swag! πŸ‘•

  • We're steadily growing the team and adding more Customer Success members to help support you, keep an eye out for their introductions in the community!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead

2 August 2023

Hi everyone! We have some outstanding new features to highlight from the past month. A couple of these features have been highly sought after for a long time by the community (and myself 😎!). Re-ordering, disabling, and cloning filters - just like functions of the function stack - and converting a partial function stack to a custom function will make building in Xano even faster. But that's not all: look below to see how we're making it even easier to collaborate with teams, leverage Google Cloud Storage, manage Branches and Data Sources, and more!

🌟 Highlights 🌟

πŸš€ Re-Order, Disable, and Clone Filters

Re-order, disable, and clone filters just like functions! I love this new functionality and I'm sure it will help boost your speed of development in Xano.

🦾 Convert Partial Function Stack to Custom Function

Yes! Convert a partial function stack into a custom function so you can reuse it across your workspace. Previously, you could only convert the entire function stack or nothing. Refactoring will create one return variable so any variables referenced in the new custom function will be nested within.

Enhanced Branches and Data Sources Management

Choose your color scheme to easily separate production from test environments. Defining a color scheme makes it crystal clear which Branch you are editing or which Data Source your workspace environment is currently in.

Your Data Source is now sticky on the left-hand navigation panel. You can quickly switch Data Sources by clicking on it from anywhere in your workspace. No more navigating back to the Database page to switch!

☁️ Google Cloud Storage

We made it No-Code easy to interact with your Google Storage Buckets directly in your Xano function stack! This is a serious game-changer for file-intensive applications wanting to leverage a Cloud Storage solution like Google. A predefined set of Xano functions lets you upload and delete files, generated signed URLs for security, list directories, and use files from the bucket as variables in Xano. Check out the documentation & watch below for more on these new functions!

πŸ‘₯ Database Real-Time Collaboration

We brought Real-Time Collaboration to the spreadsheet view! Now see where your teammates are editing and live updates in the spreadsheet just like a Google Sheet. This brings Real-Time collaboration to every aspect of your Xano workspace: Function Stacks and Database!

πŸ—οΈ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Post Process Variables - Post Process now enables some special variables: body, headers, and status_code to track and transmit the results of your Post Process statements.

  • Regex Validation Filters on Database Schema - Validate data entry with new Regex filters on the database schema.

  • New Premium Addons - RBAC and Xano Link, two previously exclusive Enterprise features, are now available as premium add-ons.

  • Run & Debug Support for Extras - Run & Debug now has support for custom extras in the auth token.

  • Redirect to Last Open Page - Want to enter where you left off the last time you were in Xano? This is now configurable from your account page.

    πŸ“Ί Notable New Tutorials

πŸ”¦ Team Spotlight

Jake Spirek joined our Customer Success team earlier this year. As part of onboarding, Jake conducted a build project to learn Xano in a unique way. Check out the interactive Super Mario voting platform he built!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead

6 July 2023

It's been a while since the last product update recap. The team has been extremely busy pumping out cutting-edge new features and various enhancements to Xano.

Although each release is announced in the Xano CommunityΒ and releases.xano.com, I want to make sure everyone is aware of all the awesome improvements we are working hard to bring to our users. With this in mind, I'm happy to announce the return of these monthly product updates starting with the past month.

🌟 Highlights

πŸ“€ New Function - Post Process

Post Process allows you to add additional logic to your function stack that will execute after the API returns its designated response. This will allow you to reduce the time it takes for your APIs to respond if there is additional logic that you need to perform that is not required to generate the response. Some examples could be sending an email to a user after they have signed up, or performing data transformation after a form submission. Check out the tutorial for more.

CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 07.45.11.png

πŸ₯³ The most infamous Xano bug β€” resolved!

No longer should you ever have to worry about trying to reference a variable and the data type being set to 'text' incorrectly. This also includes new tab to complete for variable names in the function stack.

CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 08.16.17.gif

Need to use a value that happens to match a variable? No problem! Just swap the type back to text and you're all set.

CleanShot 2023-06-22 at 12.31.32.gif

πŸ“‡ Direct SQL Query Function with new Query Wizard

Direct Database Query function allows you to query your database with SQL. We've also included a Query Wizard to help you get started with simple SQL queries in Xano. Direct Database Query is available on all Scale plans. See more in our documentation here.

CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 07.53.10.png

↩️ Undo / β†ͺ️ Redo and Multi-Select Copy & Paste Support in Database View

We are excited to introduce even more improvements to the database view! We've added undo/redo support, including a history of events. Use the new buttons in the top bar, or Crtl/Cmd+Z / Y on your keyboard. You can also right-click on the icons to view the history and quickly jump to a specific point.

CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 07.58.05.png

At long last, we've added the following functionality to the database view:

  • Click and drag, or hold shift to select and copy multiple cells

  • Pasting multiple cells at once

  • Pasting cells from external spreadsheets, such as Google Docs

CleanShot 2023-05-23 at 13.44.47.gif

🦾 Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Snippet Access Control - when creating a Snippet, you can now choose to make it public, unlisted, or private.

  • Per-Branch API Request History - easily filter your API request history per branch.Β 

  • 3DS Payment Verification is now supported for Xano subscriptions.

  • New Timestamp Filters - to_ms, to_seconds, to_minutes, to_hours, and to_days. Learn more in our documentation.

  • Copy as cURL - Run & Debug now allows you to copy your Xano API as a cURL command!

  • Inactivity Timeout Control - you can control the timeout length or disable it completely from the Account page.

🀝 Team Spotlight

The Xano team has grown significantly over the past few months to help bring you the best product possible.

Shenal Harakh joined the Customer Success team recently. As part of onboarding, Shenal conducted a build project to learn Xano in a unique way. Watch her walk you through her project to calculate the number of possible unique combinations in a set of data.

We have many exciting things coming up this year. We remain as dedicated as ever to bringing you the most powerful backend on the market to power your apps. If you have any questions, @ me or a team member in the Community.

Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead

9 February 2023

Launched With Xano? Want A Free Xano T-Shirt? πŸ‘•

If you've officially launched your project with Xano, we'd love to hear about it! We'll send you a free Xano T-Shirt as a thank-you while supplies last.

Just answer a few short questions here.Β 


  • Function Stack v2

    • Real-Time Team Collaboration

    • Flexible Edit and Publishing

    • Run & Debug With Drafts... and More!

  • Git Merge With Branches

  • Adalo Integration

  • New Tutorials

  • New Snippets

  • Community

Function Stack v2 πŸš€

The Function Stack received a major update that features Real-Time Collaboration: Edit your API simultaneously with your team just like a Google Doc! Other notable enhancements include draft support, run & debug improvements, bulk actions, and an enhanced UI/UX.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration enables you to edit your API simultaneously with your team, just like a Google Doc. Real-time presence informs you when a team member is working on the same Function Stack as you at the top of the page with their initials and the function stack item they are currently editing.

Real-time updates mean you will see all the changes made by your team members in real-time. This means no more needing to refresh your browser to see updates.

Global Presence shows where each team member in a workspace is working. You can easily click to jump to the same workspace location as another team member. From the Global Presence hub, you can also securely chat and notify everyone inside the workspace.

Flexible Edit and Publish With Draft Support:

Draft support enables you to make edits to your endpoint and publish them when you’re ready. Drafts will keep track of each micro-change you (or your team members) make to a Function Stack, which you can easily roll back. Publishing your changes when you’re ready as a new version means Version History is more meaningful and useful.

What about Run & Debug for Drafts?
Run & Debug is aware of your live drafts meaning you can test your changes in Xano before publishing a new version. Run & Debug is also cognizant of all drafts across the workspace! This is especially useful if you’re working with a Custom Function and an API that it’s referenced in. Before publishing, you can use Run & Debug with your changes on both objects.

Git Merge With Branches 🦾

One of the most highly requested features is finally here! Merging is now available to support traditional development environments in Xano.

This powerful feature enables you to seamlessly integrate changes from one branch to another, much like a traditional development environment allows. This allows for streamlined collaboration and eliminates the need for manual merging, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors.

Adalo Integration πŸ”Œ

We are thrilled to announce an official integration with Adalo! With just one copy, click, and paste, Adalo gets all of your Xano database collections, including users! β€” meaning you can have your entire database hosted with Xano. Plus, Adalo + Xano Progressive Loading! This means your data loads 7X faster than other external collections in Adalo.

See how to get started with the Adalo integration.

Special Offer πŸŽ‰
To celebrate this we are partnering with Adalo to offer a limited-time Adalo + Xano Bundle. Don't miss your chance to bundle and save with both platforms.


Building Web Apps like Expert Developers with WeWeb + Xano

WeWeb is like Webflow, but for web applications. Create a pixel-perfect front-end, connect it to Xano, and build powerful workflows, all without coding.

Building Native Mobile Apps Quickly with Bravo Studio + Xano

An intro to Bravo Studio with Toby Oliver, CEO of Bravo Studio, and Prakash Chandran, CEO of Xano. Learn about what Bravo Studio is, why it's a great choice when building native apps for mobile, and why it's even better to use Xano as your backend for your native mobile app.

Sync your Webflow CMS with Xano

This video showcases an example of how you can sync your Webflow CMS with your Xano database. It covers how to edit and delete records in sync, and also whether or not you should consider setting up a regular sync between Webflow and Xano.

Upload FlutterFlow Images to Xano

In this video, we're going to walk you through how to upload images in FlutterFlow to your Xano database. Previously, this required using a Firestore database, but you are now able to use FlutterFlow's Backend Call to upload directly to Xano.


Our Developer Advocate has been launching new Snippets weekly to help you develop and learn faster in Xano. Don't know what a Snippet is? They are shareable APIs and backend components that can easily be installed in your Xano project. Read more here!

  • Stripe Secure Webhook - Secure your data sent from Stripe to Xano via webhook, following Stripe's recommended approach for manual verification.

  • Filter Query All Records With an Enum Value - Detailed example of how to filter a Query All Records function using an Enum value.

  • Invoice Number Generator - An invoice number is a unique code assigned to each invoice, which you can accomplish by ensuring every invoice number has the same number of characters. Check out how to do this in Xano!

  • Product Price by Quantity - Set your product prices based on the number of items ordered.

See more Snippets at Xano.com/snippets and on the Snippets Community page.



Join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, help on your Xano project, and so much more!

Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


You can submit a suggestion, upvote, and comment on feature wishlist items.



6 December 2022


  • Xano Raises $5m

  • JavaScript SDK

  • New Community Site

  • Connect Center and Webflow Connect

  • New Homepage Website

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Xano Raises $5m to Prove No-Code Can Scale πŸš€

We are thrilled to announce that we've raised $5 million to prove that No-Code can scale! We'd like to thank our amazing community of users for all the support and trust thus far -- we could not have done it without everyone. This funding will help us continue to improve Xano and bring you the best backend on the market.Β 

You can read the full details on our most recent round of fundraising and how it will help us achieve our missionΒ to empower anyone to create scalable, world-class software.

Xano JavaScript SDK ⚑

The Xano JavaScript SDK has officially launched making it easier to connect your Xano APIs with JavaScript. The JS SDK is built in pure TypeScript. Under the hood, the SDK uses Axios, which is supported by all modern browsers and allows it to be compatible with NodeJS.

Access the Xano JS SDK fromΒ GitLabΒ or find it on Xano.com/connect.

New Community Site 🦾

We launched our brand-new Community site! The Community is a resource that helps everyone ask questions, find answers, and seek help.

With the new site, we've dedicated categories to discussing and asking questions about your favorite No-Code front-ends and finding experts to help with your Xano project. You can earn points, climb the leaderboard, and earn badges by participating in discussions. An enhanced elastic search enables you to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for and easily find accepted answers to questions. All this and so much more are on our new Community site!

Sign up at community.xano.com!

Connect Center and Webflow Connect πŸ”Œ

Introducing our brand new Connect Center. The Connect Center will manage official integration with complementary tools. In tandem, we launched the first addition to the Connect Center: Webflow Connect!

You can connect Webflow to Xano via the Account page, once completed open a workspace you wish to use with Webflow and navigate to the Connect Center to enable Webflow. Once completed, a Webflow API Request will be available in the Function Stack to interact with Webflow as seamlessly as ever.

For the full breakdown of connecting Xano to Webflow and leveraging the Webflow API Request, check out the documentationΒ and watch the tutorial below.

New Xano.com Website πŸŽ‰

We revamped our homepage giving you a fresh new look to learn and find everything you need to know about Xano. Go check it out at xano.com!


FlutterFlow + Xano - Building a To-do List App

Check out this full walkthrough of creating a To-do list application using Xano's marketplace template and a Flutterflow front-end.

WeWeb + Xano Full Tutorial - Connecting, Auth, & more!

This detailed tutorial takes you through the basics of using WeWeb with Xano. Learn how to get started in both tools, connect them, set up user authentication, and much more.

Common Xano Roadblocks for Beginners

This video is all about the most common roadblocks we see new (and seasoned) Xano users run into, and how to solve them.

Apple Sign-In

Use the Sign in with Apple REST API using Xano. This video will walk you through the authentication flow, how to execute that flow in Xano, and how to add these pre-built API endpoints to your Xano workspace.



  • [New] Fuzzy Search v2 - new fuzzy search functionality! expression groups, wildcard support, partial phrase matching, and prioritization targeting. Check out the tutorial for information on how to leverage it.

  • [New] Run & Debug friendly display of large arrays - Run & Debug results are now more friendly to displaying large arrays of data - a subset of entries are now shown with the ability to view more if required

  • [New] Full Luxon Library Support in Lambdas - all components of the luxon library are now supported in Lambdas.

  • [New] Nested Object Support for Diffs and Intersections Filters - The diffs and intersections array filters now support nested objects. Previously they only supported scalar arrays.

  • [New] Addon Improvements:

    • Addons were sensitive to input errors and all Addons would not process if any of them had an issue. Now only the Addon with an input error will stop working.

    • Addons are now preserved properly when switching from single / list to list with paging inside Query All Records.


We've recently added two new team members who you will be seeing more of very soon.

Brian, Developer Advocate
Brian will be working on developing new Snippets to help streamline common and advanced Xano use cases. Additionally, providing guidance in some of the more complex questions around performance and scalability.

Johanna, Customer Success Associate
Johanna is the newest member of the Customer Success team who will be helping answer questions, solve issues, and be an important part of contributing to the success of Xano users.



Join the NEW Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, help on your Xano project, and so much more!

Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


You can submit a suggestion, upvote, and comment on feature wishlist items.



13 September 2022


  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Stream

  • Improved Loading for Large Workspaces

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security πŸ”

One of the most highly requested features is here! Now you can secure your Xano account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security. 2FA security requires the use of two different forms of identification to access and authenticate an account. It is an extra layer of security beyond email and password credentials that secures an account by requiring an authentication step from something that belongs to the user. This addition is yet another best practice supported by Xano to bulk data security.

You can enable 2FA security from the account page. You'll need an Authenticator App or Password Vault. To learn how to enable 2FA security please visit our documentation.

Stream ⚑

Introducing a new return type for the Query All Records function: Stream. Stream allows you to retrieve your database records in a memory-efficient way in order to be used in a For Each Loop. This allows you to avoid recursive workflows in order to transform or manipulate large datasets. Stream is only for use with For Each Loops. Returning a Query All Records function with a Stream return type will not produce any records in the result. See how to leverage Stream in the tutorial below!

Improved Loading for Large Workspaces πŸš€

We started to notice loading issues in workspaces with lots of objects such as API endpoints, functions, Addons, and tasks. We made performance optimizations to improve the loading of large workspaces in order to keep you building efficiently. This is part of our commitment to breaking down as many barriers as possible in your backend development journey.



A Webhook is an action that is triggered by an event. Webhooks are easy to set up in Xano to perform any action required for your use case. In this video, a Webhook is created to receive a form submission from Typeform to store the answers in the database.

Send Xano data to Webflow or Bubble using Fetch in Javascript

Learn how to send data from Xano to front-ends like Webflow or Bubble using fetch Javascript. We even included the custom code snippet used in this video so you can use it as a foundation.

Security Functions and Filters in Xano: An Introduction

Check out this introductory tutorial on security functions and filters. Learn the different security operations, how to encrypt and decrypt data, enforce data permissions, call external APIs with encryption, and more!

Calling GraphQL APIs in Xano

While it may be obvious that Xano can call any REST API, did you know Xano can call GraphQL APIs too? Check out this tutorial to learn more!



  • [New] Data Source Notice for Run & Debug on Tasks - Using Run & Debug in a background task will use the data source your workspace is currently set to. This can be confusing if the task is set to a different data source when scheduled. We added a notice to highlight if there is a different in data sources when utilizing the Run & Debug method.

  • [New] Null Values Treated as Empty Strings for Sprintf - Null values would generate an error when used as arguments in the sprintf filter. Now null values are automatically treated as empty text strings for this use case.

  • [New] Export Workspace Improvement - A new experience for exporting workspaces was added, which is friendly for extremely large workspaces. An email notification is sent when the export becomes available for download.

  • [New] Custom Domain Workflow Improvement - When entering a http/https URL via copy and past in the custom domain workflow, the hostname is automatically parsed.

  • [New] Angular 14 Upgrade for the Admin Panel - We upgraded the Admin Panel to Angular 14.


Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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11 August 2022


  • Referenced By

  • Ethers.js

  • API Request History Filters

  • Data Export Improvement

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Referenced By for Functions, Addons, & Database Tables πŸ”Œ

Referenced By was a highly requested feature by the Xano community. No more meticulous searching through a workspace to find out where certain objects are being used. Referenced by shows you exactly where in your Xano workspace are utilizing each custom function, Addon, and database table.

When viewing one of these objects in Xano, look for "Referenced By" - if they're being used elsewhere in the workspace, each dependency will be shown with a quick link to navigate there. Want to see Referenced By in action? Check out the tutorial below to see how handy this new feature is.

Ethers.js for Lambdas ☁️

Ethers.js allows you to leverage the Ethereum network within your Lambda stack. Lambdas allow you to use Javascript to supercharge your function stack. With Ethers.js support in Lambda functions, you can use Javascript to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethers.js library has all the capabilities of an Ethereum wallet. For example, you can use it to interact with MetaMask for your application.

API Request History Filters πŸ“ˆ

We just added two new filters to API Request History: Duration and Status.

The duration filter allows you to filter API request history based on the length of time it took an API endpoint to complete. This is especially helpful for evaluating response times and identifying efficiency improvements of queries.

The status filter lets you quickly filter your API endpoint results based on the status code. Status codes are an easy way to see the results of API endpoints: whether something was successful or ran into an error. The filter includes all the possible status codes and what they mean so you can easily identify any potential issues.

Data Export Utilizing Background Task πŸ’ͺ

Exporting data received a major improvement. The process has been moved to a background task-like process - similar to what's utilized for CSV imports. Now, when you export all your data, you can continue to navigate your workspace or even leave Xano. When your export is complete, you will receive an Email notification that the export is ready for download. Once it's ready, return back to the settings page of your workspace where you will find the file and can download it.


When to use Xano with Bubble featuring JJ Englert and Eli Beachy

​More and more people are using Xano alongside Bubble to supercharge their applications. We hosted a special event on August 6th alongside Bubble experts JJ Englert and Eli Beachy to discuss when to use Xano with Bubble including use cases, performance, and a whole lot more. Check out the replay above!

Xano and Webflow: Adding Blog Comments

Using Xano as a backend, this tutorial covers how to add comments to Webflow blogs and product reviews for a Webflow e-commerce platform.

2FA Authentication with Twilio

This tutorial covers how to leverage the Twilio Verify API in your Xano backend. Twilio's Verify API is a simple way to implement two-factor (2FA) authentication.


Aggregates are an essential tool for any type of reporting and analysis of your data. Xano's Query All Records function makes it no-code-easy to aggregate your data to learn meaningful insights.



  • [New] Database Backup Improvement - Database backups are now more efficient and less memory intensive. Some users were noticing performance issues during backups on extremely large data sets.

  • [New] Statement Count and Timing within Run & Debug - After using Run&Debug you will now see the total statement count and the overall duration of execution. This gives you a quick highlight without leaving the results section. If you want a more detailed view, just open up the debugger tab.

  • [New] MailParser - MailParser was added to Lambda support for more flexible Nodemailer support.

  • [New] Automatic Detection of New Lines on 3rd Party Certificates - Certificates from 3rd parties, like Outseta, would sometimes have newlines stripped out of the certificate due to a bad copy/paste. We have added support for automatic detection so that the certificates can be fixed on the fly.

  • [New] JWS/JWE Support for Public Key Signature Verification - JWS/JWE now supports public keys for signature verification. Previously, only private keys were supported.


Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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12 July 2022


  • Fuzzy Search

  • File Management

  • Multipart Upload

  • Bulk Add Record

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

Fuzzy Search πŸ”ŽπŸš€

Fuzzy Search is here! This highly requested and anticipated feature includes a more performant search engine, normalization of words (i.e. party vs parties), case-insensitive support, flexible expressions (words, phrases, and negations), weighted priorities (i.e. title vs description) for relevance, and more!

Xano's new search features the database and query working as seamlessly together as ever. By creating a search index in a database table you can define the fields included in the search and their ranking of importance. The index becomes surfaced in the custom query so you can build a search on multiple fields with a single line! The ranking of importance allows you to sort the results based on relevance to the search parameters.

All of that is just the beginning! For step by step instructions on how to use the new fuzzy search and all the awesome other features check out our documentation.

File Management (for Media Storage) πŸ—‚οΈ

File Management allows you to manage all files associated with a workspace. On the left-side navigation bar under Library, you can find the file management interface called "Files."

From there you can view and manage all files (images, videos, audio, and attachments) in your workspace. The files that show up here include any uploaded directly to your database, uploaded directly to the file management page, or created through the API or function stack.

The file management feature shows the files in your media storage. It also enables you to delete any files you wish to remove. Please be extra careful because deleting is permanent and cannot be undone.

If you'd like to read more information please visit our documentation.

Multipart Upload Support for External APIs πŸ“·

We just added support for multipart uploads on external APIs! What exactly does that mean? It means that you can now send attachments (images, videos, pdfs, etc.) to 3rd party services leveraged in your app via the external API request function.

You can accomplish multipart upload by utilizing the file resource input or function stack item that creates a file resource from a variable. If you are using an external API that requires multipart upload be sure to read the requirements of how to pass the attachment. Xano can send the attachment however is needed: as a key-value pair or as the entire parameter.

Want to read more about multipart upload? Check out the documentation.

Bulk Add Record Function πŸ’ͺ

Introducing a brand new function: Bulk Add Record. This function allows you to add a list to your database without the need for a loop in your function stack. Previously, a For Each Loop was required to iterate through the list of items then add each item, one by one, to your database table. This function does it all for you in one seamless process.


Bypass Webflow Form Submission Limit with Xano!

Previously, we instructed users who wanted to have Webflow form submissions sent to their Xano database to utilize a webhook. This works, however it also counts against your Webflow form submission limit. This is no longer necessary, thanks to a small piece of custom code.

Bubble and Xano Part 1: User Authentication (login) and Displaying Data Belonging to User

User Authentication between Xano and Bubble can be accomplished by storing the auth token in the current user's object. This can then be used to hit authenticated endpoints in Xano so you can do things like separate data that is unique to the logged-in user.



  • [New] Copy support for resulting payloads in various steps of the debugger view - We've added a quick copy button to the various steps of the debugger so you can quickly grab a payload from any step for testing.

  • [New] Added Lambdas Libraries: node:http and node:https

  • [New] New Filter: create_object_from_entries - Create Object From Entries allows you to take a list of key / value pairs and consolidate them into a single object. Check out the tutorial on how to use it.

  • [New] Environment Variable $datasource - A new environment variable allows you to detect the active data source through the function stack.

  • [New] Median Aggregation for Query All Records - Query All Records now includes median support in the aggregation return type.

  • [New] Index Support for Date Fields - You can now apply an index to a date field. An index can be handy as your database grows in size and query performance slows down.

  • [New] Addon Management - We've added the Addon ID number to the Addons page for easier management of Addons. Previously it was hard to identify which Addon was which but now they more closely resemble the Functions page.



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