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6 December 2022


  • Xano Raises $5m

  • JavaScript SDK

  • New Community Site

  • Connect Center and Webflow Connect

  • New Homepage Website

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Xano Raises $5m to Prove No-Code Can Scale πŸš€

We are thrilled to announce that we've raised $5 million to prove that No-Code can scale! We'd like to thank our amazing community of users for all the support and trust thus far -- we could not have done it without everyone. This funding will help us continue to improve Xano and bring you the best backend on the market.Β 

You can read the full details on our most recent round of fundraising and how it will help us achieve our missionΒ to empower anyone to create scalable, world-class software.

Xano JavaScript SDK ⚑

The Xano JavaScript SDK has officially launched making it easier to connect your Xano APIs with JavaScript. The JS SDK is built in pure TypeScript. Under the hood, the SDK uses Axios, which is supported by all modern browsers and allows it to be compatible with NodeJS.

Access the Xano JS SDK fromΒ GitLabΒ or find it on Xano.com/connect.

New Community Site 🦾

We launched our brand-new Community site! The Community is a resource that helps everyone ask questions, find answers, and seek help.

With the new site, we've dedicated categories to discussing and asking questions about your favorite No-Code front-ends and finding experts to help with your Xano project. You can earn points, climb the leaderboard, and earn badges by participating in discussions. An enhanced elastic search enables you to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for and easily find accepted answers to questions. All this and so much more are on our new Community site!

Sign up at community.xano.com!

Connect Center and Webflow Connect πŸ”Œ

Introducing our brand new Connect Center. The Connect Center will manage official integration with complementary tools. In tandem, we launched the first addition to the Connect Center: Webflow Connect!

You can connect Webflow to Xano via the Account page, once completed open a workspace you wish to use with Webflow and navigate to the Connect Center to enable Webflow. Once completed, a Webflow API Request will be available in the Function Stack to interact with Webflow as seamlessly as ever.

For the full breakdown of connecting Xano to Webflow and leveraging the Webflow API Request, check out the documentationΒ and watch the tutorial below.

New Xano.com Website πŸŽ‰

We revamped our homepage giving you a fresh new look to learn and find everything you need to know about Xano. Go check it out at xano.com!


FlutterFlow + Xano - Building a To-do List App

Check out this full walkthrough of creating a To-do list application using Xano's marketplace template and a Flutterflow front-end.

WeWeb + Xano Full Tutorial - Connecting, Auth, & more!

This detailed tutorial takes you through the basics of using WeWeb with Xano. Learn how to get started in both tools, connect them, set up user authentication, and much more.

Common Xano Roadblocks for Beginners

This video is all about the most common roadblocks we see new (and seasoned) Xano users run into, and how to solve them.

Apple Sign-In

Use the Sign in with Apple REST API using Xano. This video will walk you through the authentication flow, how to execute that flow in Xano, and how to add these pre-built API endpoints to your Xano workspace.



  • [New] Fuzzy Search v2 - new fuzzy search functionality! expression groups, wildcard support, partial phrase matching, and prioritization targeting. Check out the tutorial for information on how to leverage it.

  • [New] Run & Debug friendly display of large arrays - Run & Debug results are now more friendly to displaying large arrays of data - a subset of entries are now shown with the ability to view more if required

  • [New] Full Luxon Library Support in Lambdas - all components of the luxon library are now supported in Lambdas.

  • [New] Nested Object Support for Diffs and Intersections Filters - The diffs and intersections array filters now support nested objects. Previously they only supported scalar arrays.

  • [New] Addon Improvements:

    • Addons were sensitive to input errors and all Addons would not process if any of them had an issue. Now only the Addon with an input error will stop working.

    • Addons are now preserved properly when switching from single / list to list with paging inside Query All Records.


We've recently added two new team members who you will be seeing more of very soon.

Brian, Developer Advocate
Brian will be working on developing new Snippets to help streamline common and advanced Xano use cases. Additionally, providing guidance in some of the more complex questions around performance and scalability.

Johanna, Customer Success Associate
Johanna is the newest member of the Customer Success team who will be helping answer questions, solve issues, and be an important part of contributing to the success of Xano users.



Join the NEW Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, help on your Xano project, and so much more!

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Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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13 September 2022


  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Stream

  • Improved Loading for Large Workspaces

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security πŸ”

One of the most highly requested features is here! Now you can secure your Xano account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security. 2FA security requires the use of two different forms of identification to access and authenticate an account. It is an extra layer of security beyond email and password credentials that secures an account by requiring an authentication step from something that belongs to the user. This addition is yet another best practice supported by Xano to bulk data security.

You can enable 2FA security from the account page. You'll need an Authenticator App or Password Vault. To learn how to enable 2FA security please visit our documentation.

Stream ⚑

Introducing a new return type for the Query All Records function: Stream. Stream allows you to retrieve your database records in a memory-efficient way in order to be used in a For Each Loop. This allows you to avoid recursive workflows in order to transform or manipulate large datasets. Stream is only for use with For Each Loops. Returning a Query All Records function with a Stream return type will not produce any records in the result. See how to leverage Stream in the tutorial below!

Improved Loading for Large Workspaces πŸš€

We started to notice loading issues in workspaces with lots of objects such as API endpoints, functions, Addons, and tasks. We made performance optimizations to improve the loading of large workspaces in order to keep you building efficiently. This is part of our commitment to breaking down as many barriers as possible in your backend development journey.



A Webhook is an action that is triggered by an event. Webhooks are easy to set up in Xano to perform any action required for your use case. In this video, a Webhook is created to receive a form submission from Typeform to store the answers in the database.

Send Xano data to Webflow or Bubble using Fetch in Javascript

Learn how to send data from Xano to front-ends like Webflow or Bubble using fetch Javascript. We even included the custom code snippet used in this video so you can use it as a foundation.

Security Functions and Filters in Xano: An Introduction

Check out this introductory tutorial on security functions and filters. Learn the different security operations, how to encrypt and decrypt data, enforce data permissions, call external APIs with encryption, and more!

Calling GraphQL APIs in Xano

While it may be obvious that Xano can call any REST API, did you know Xano can call GraphQL APIs too? Check out this tutorial to learn more!



  • [New] Data Source Notice for Run & Debug on Tasks - Using Run & Debug in a background task will use the data source your workspace is currently set to. This can be confusing if the task is set to a different data source when scheduled. We added a notice to highlight if there is a different in data sources when utilizing the Run & Debug method.

  • [New] Null Values Treated as Empty Strings for Sprintf - Null values would generate an error when used as arguments in the sprintf filter. Now null values are automatically treated as empty text strings for this use case.

  • [New] Export Workspace Improvement - A new experience for exporting workspaces was added, which is friendly for extremely large workspaces. An email notification is sent when the export becomes available for download.

  • [New] Custom Domain Workflow Improvement - When entering a http/https URL via copy and past in the custom domain workflow, the hostname is automatically parsed.

  • [New] Angular 14 Upgrade for the Admin Panel - We upgraded the Admin Panel to Angular 14.


Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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11 August 2022


  • Referenced By

  • Ethers.js

  • API Request History Filters

  • Data Export Improvement

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Referenced By for Functions, Addons, & Database Tables πŸ”Œ

Referenced By was a highly requested feature by the Xano community. No more meticulous searching through a workspace to find out where certain objects are being used. Referenced by shows you exactly where in your Xano workspace are utilizing each custom function, Addon, and database table.

When viewing one of these objects in Xano, look for "Referenced By" - if they're being used elsewhere in the workspace, each dependency will be shown with a quick link to navigate there. Want to see Referenced By in action? Check out the tutorial below to see how handy this new feature is.

Ethers.js for Lambdas ☁️

Ethers.js allows you to leverage the Ethereum network within your Lambda stack. Lambdas allow you to use Javascript to supercharge your function stack. With Ethers.js support in Lambda functions, you can use Javascript to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethers.js library has all the capabilities of an Ethereum wallet. For example, you can use it to interact with MetaMask for your application.

API Request History Filters πŸ“ˆ

We just added two new filters to API Request History: Duration and Status.

The duration filter allows you to filter API request history based on the length of time it took an API endpoint to complete. This is especially helpful for evaluating response times and identifying efficiency improvements of queries.

The status filter lets you quickly filter your API endpoint results based on the status code. Status codes are an easy way to see the results of API endpoints: whether something was successful or ran into an error. The filter includes all the possible status codes and what they mean so you can easily identify any potential issues.

Data Export Utilizing Background Task πŸ’ͺ

Exporting data received a major improvement. The process has been moved to a background task-like process - similar to what's utilized for CSV imports. Now, when you export all your data, you can continue to navigate your workspace or even leave Xano. When your export is complete, you will receive an Email notification that the export is ready for download. Once it's ready, return back to the settings page of your workspace where you will find the file and can download it.


When to use Xano with Bubble featuring JJ Englert and Eli Beachy

​More and more people are using Xano alongside Bubble to supercharge their applications. We hosted a special event on August 6th alongside Bubble experts JJ Englert and Eli Beachy to discuss when to use Xano with Bubble including use cases, performance, and a whole lot more. Check out the replay above!

Xano and Webflow: Adding Blog Comments

Using Xano as a backend, this tutorial covers how to add comments to Webflow blogs and product reviews for a Webflow e-commerce platform.

2FA Authentication with Twilio

This tutorial covers how to leverage the Twilio Verify API in your Xano backend. Twilio's Verify API is a simple way to implement two-factor (2FA) authentication.


Aggregates are an essential tool for any type of reporting and analysis of your data. Xano's Query All Records function makes it no-code-easy to aggregate your data to learn meaningful insights.



  • [New] Database Backup Improvement - Database backups are now more efficient and less memory intensive. Some users were noticing performance issues during backups on extremely large data sets.

  • [New] Statement Count and Timing within Run & Debug - After using Run&Debug you will now see the total statement count and the overall duration of execution. This gives you a quick highlight without leaving the results section. If you want a more detailed view, just open up the debugger tab.

  • [New] MailParser - MailParser was added to Lambda support for more flexible Nodemailer support.

  • [New] Automatic Detection of New Lines on 3rd Party Certificates - Certificates from 3rd parties, like Outseta, would sometimes have newlines stripped out of the certificate due to a bad copy/paste. We have added support for automatic detection so that the certificates can be fixed on the fly.

  • [New] JWS/JWE Support for Public Key Signature Verification - JWS/JWE now supports public keys for signature verification. Previously, only private keys were supported.


Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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12 July 2022


  • Fuzzy Search

  • File Management

  • Multipart Upload

  • Bulk Add Record

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

Fuzzy Search πŸ”ŽπŸš€

Fuzzy Search is here! This highly requested and anticipated feature includes a more performant search engine, normalization of words (i.e. party vs parties), case-insensitive support, flexible expressions (words, phrases, and negations), weighted priorities (i.e. title vs description) for relevance, and more!

Xano's new search features the database and query working as seamlessly together as ever. By creating a search index in a database table you can define the fields included in the search and their ranking of importance. The index becomes surfaced in the custom query so you can build a search on multiple fields with a single line! The ranking of importance allows you to sort the results based on relevance to the search parameters.

All of that is just the beginning! For step by step instructions on how to use the new fuzzy search and all the awesome other features check out our documentation.

File Management (for Media Storage) πŸ—‚οΈ

File Management allows you to manage all files associated with a workspace. On the left-side navigation bar under Library, you can find the file management interface called "Files."

From there you can view and manage all files (images, videos, audio, and attachments) in your workspace. The files that show up here include any uploaded directly to your database, uploaded directly to the file management page, or created through the API or function stack.

The file management feature shows the files in your media storage. It also enables you to delete any files you wish to remove. Please be extra careful because deleting is permanent and cannot be undone.

If you'd like to read more information please visit our documentation.

Multipart Upload Support for External APIs πŸ“·

We just added support for multipart uploads on external APIs! What exactly does that mean? It means that you can now send attachments (images, videos, pdfs, etc.) to 3rd party services leveraged in your app via the external API request function.

You can accomplish multipart upload by utilizing the file resource input or function stack item that creates a file resource from a variable. If you are using an external API that requires multipart upload be sure to read the requirements of how to pass the attachment. Xano can send the attachment however is needed: as a key-value pair or as the entire parameter.

Want to read more about multipart upload? Check out the documentation.

Bulk Add Record Function πŸ’ͺ

Introducing a brand new function: Bulk Add Record. This function allows you to add a list to your database without the need for a loop in your function stack. Previously, a For Each Loop was required to iterate through the list of items then add each item, one by one, to your database table. This function does it all for you in one seamless process.


Bypass Webflow Form Submission Limit with Xano!

Previously, we instructed users who wanted to have Webflow form submissions sent to their Xano database to utilize a webhook. This works, however it also counts against your Webflow form submission limit. This is no longer necessary, thanks to a small piece of custom code.

Bubble and Xano Part 1: User Authentication (login) and Displaying Data Belonging to User

User Authentication between Xano and Bubble can be accomplished by storing the auth token in the current user's object. This can then be used to hit authenticated endpoints in Xano so you can do things like separate data that is unique to the logged-in user.



  • [New] Copy support for resulting payloads in various steps of the debugger view - We've added a quick copy button to the various steps of the debugger so you can quickly grab a payload from any step for testing.

  • [New] Added Lambdas Libraries: node:http and node:https

  • [New] New Filter: create_object_from_entries - Create Object From Entries allows you to take a list of key / value pairs and consolidate them into a single object. Check out the tutorial on how to use it.

  • [New] Environment Variable $datasource - A new environment variable allows you to detect the active data source through the function stack.

  • [New] Median Aggregation for Query All Records - Query All Records now includes median support in the aggregation return type.

  • [New] Index Support for Date Fields - You can now apply an index to a date field. An index can be handy as your database grows in size and query performance slows down.

  • [New] Addon Management - We've added the Addon ID number to the Addons page for easier management of Addons. Previously it was hard to identify which Addon was which but now they more closely resemble the Functions page.



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11 May 2022


  • Lambdas

  • Background Task Performance Boost

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

Lambda Functions πŸš€

Code in a No Code platform? We've added support to now include Lambdas in the function stack if you want to use them. Xano will always be a No Code platform first - and you can accomplish everything you need without code - but if you wish to supercharge Xano with JavaScript, now you can!

Lambdas seem to have multiple definitions depending on who you ask... anonymous functions, serverless functions, a snippet of code, etc. The most important takeaway is that it is a way to do business logic in a lightweight manner and return a result using a programming language. In Xano’s case this language is JavaScript.

Yes, Xano is 100% the No Code backend. More importantly, it is a Turing-complete backend, which means it can do anything a programming language can do through variables, conditionals, and loops.

The Lambda feature is a bit taboo, since technically it means that by allowing it to exist, one could argue that Xano has become a Low Code solution. We have thought long and hard on this topic and we strongly believe that the power of Xano increases with this Lambda functionality and we are letting our users decide if they want to use it or not. Check out our documentation to learn more about Lambdas and how to use them in Xano.

Background Task Performance Boost πŸš€

Background tasks, also known as Cron Jobs, are used to run business logic automatically on recurring frequencies. They are integral backend components for many users performing a wide variety of processes. Thanks to help from the community we found some room for improvement with how background tasks operate.  As a result, we rolled out a significant performance improvement to help boost run times and stability of background tasks.


Dynamic Image Transformation

Xano can transform images on the fly, through the function stack. Learn how can manipulate an image's size, shape, and even file type with Xano.

Separating Data

Separating data is a common backend feature. In Xano you can easily separate the data a user has access to. Check out the tutorial and also the documentation to learn how to implement it in your backend.

Convert Separate Time and Date into a Timestamp

This tutorial leverages the new parse_timestamp filter. It's a powerful filter which allows you to define how any date or time is formatted and parse it into a Xano Unix timestamp.



  • [New] Media Storage is Now Served Directly From Google Cloud Storage Buckets - This enhancement improves bandwidth and performance capacity.

  • [New] Parse_Timestamp Filter - Parse_timestamps allows you to transform any user defined time format into a Unix timestamp in milliseconds, which Xano uses to store timestamps. See how to leverage it in our documentation.

  • [New] Background Tasks Can Specify a Data Source - Background tasks now have the ability to specify which data source they are using. To choose a data source for a task, open the settings of the task and select which data source you want it to run on.

  • [New] Return Function - The function stack received a new function stack item. The Return function allows you to make an early exit from the function stack and return a specified payload. This function can be especially useful in conditional statements so you can return a result as soon as you have it.

  • [New] DPAs for GDPR are Available to Launch Plans - We've expanded our Data Processing Agreements to Launch plans. Now, Launch plans may request a DPA be signed in order to meet GDPR Compliance on Xano.

  • [New] Run & Debug Timer - We added a timer to Run & Debug, so that when you're testing logic with longer run times you can view the run time live.

  • [New] External API Request Timeout Increase to 1 Hour - The external API request function now has support to specify a timeout max time of up to 1 hour. This can be helpful when calling a 3rd party API with long run times.

  • [New] Trim, Ltrim, and Rtrim Filters Now Work on Text Arrays - The trim filters: trim, ltrim, and rtrim now have support to work on text arrays, which is helpful for formatting and transforming text into arrays. See an example in our documentation of leveraging this while chaining other filters together.



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30 March 2022


  • Faceted Filtering

  • Developer API

  • Move API Endpoints

  • New Tutorials

  • Agency Plan Enhancements

  • Product Enhancements

Faceted Filtering πŸš€

Faceted filtering is now available in the spreadsheet view of the database. Filter records with precision to manage and sift through database tables.

The filter action resembles the by custom query functionality of the Query All Records function in the function stack. You can chain filters with and, or, and group statements. Additionally, a wide variety of operators give you the flexibility you need to filter your records exactly how you want.

Developer API - Connect your Xano account securely to other services πŸ”

The Xano Developer API enables you to interact with your Xano account in an automated fashion. It gives you the ability to consume the Swagger/OpenAPI documentation of your API Groups.

Due to Xano's single-tenant architecture, there are specific authentication steps required starting with the Developer API Key. You can generate a Developer API Key on your account page. Once you have the Developer API Key, you can authenticate against the Xano master service and start to traverse through your account from an Instance to Workspace and finally to an API Group to consume the Swaggerspec.

You can read more about how to use the Developer API in our documentation or watch the tutorial below.

Move API Endpoints to Different API Groups πŸ”€

We have added support for moving API Endpoints to different API Groups. This feature helps alleviate and improve organization of your API in a smooth workflow.

To move an API Endpoint, open the menu icon of the individual endpoint and select move. Optionally add additional API Endpoints to move then select which API Group is the destination - you can even create a new API Group on the fly. Finally, decide if you want to leave a copy of the API Endpoint in the original group.

You can also bulk-move API Endpoints from the group view by selecting the menu icon on the heading of Endpoints.Keep in mind API Groups have different canonicals meaning the endpoint URL will be different when it moves groups.


Using Xano with Bubble

Bubble recently hinted at changing their plans which prompted a lot of questions around how to use Xano and Bubble together. This video covers how Xano can supercharge your Bubble experience.

Function Video Series: Database Requests

We're bringing you tutorials on every function in the function stack so you can get a better understanding of how to use them. The first set of tutorials are now published: The Database Requests functions. Be on the lookout for new videos as part of the function video series over the next several weeks.

Google OAuth with Xano Webflow

Enable your Webflow users to log in using Google. This video reviews OAuth2, which is the mechanism used to enable authentication with a third-party service, how you can use the no-code backend Xano to enable your users to sign in with Google, and finally, how to bring it all together using JavaScript and Webflow.

SHOUT-OUT to our customer Sina Azizi for creating the foundation and impetus for this tutorial.


  • [New] Workspace Transfer of Ownership - Agencies can transfer ownership of a workspace to a client's instance. See how in our documentation.

  • [New] Securely Share Private Snippets with One-Time-Use Tokens - Generate a one-time-use token on a private snippet to enable secure sharing. Read more in our documentation.

  • [New] Commission Dashboard - Easily view the detailed breakdown of your commission and payouts for your Agency.

  • [New] Client Invite Workflow for Existing Xano Users - The workflow for inviting an existing user as a client to your Xano Agency plan received robust improvements.



  • [New] New Date and Datetime Picker - A new date and datetime picker is now being utilized across Xano. You will find this easy to use picker in the spreadsheet view of the database and in the scheduler of background tasks. The format will follow what is chosen in your account settings.

  • [New] New JSON Editor using Monaco (VS Code) - A new and improved JSON editor has been added, it utilizes Monaco (VS Code). Check it out when adding inputs to the Debugger, using Import JSON, or the JSON schema type in the spreadsheet view.

  • [New] Audio Attachments - We've added support for a new media storage type: Audio attachments.

  • [New] Import CSV to Test Data Source - You can now import a CSV to your test data source. Before it only worked on the live data source. Test data sources are available beginning on the Scale plan.

  • [New] Raw Encrypt and Decrypt Functions and Filters - Support was added for raw Encrypt and Decrypt both as functions and in the filters. Supported algorithms include: aes-128-cbc, aes-192-cbc, aes-256-cbc, aes-128-gcm, aes-192-gcm, aes-256-gcm. You can see more in the documentation.

  • [New] Base64_Encode_URLsafe and Base64_decode_URLsafe - We added two new base64 encode and decode filters that encode/decode in a URL safe format.

  • [New] Remove Filter Includes Strict Type Matching Option - Strict type matching option was added to the remove array filter. Example if you want to remove 0 but not null, enable strict type matching so you only remove 0 and not a value of null in your array,.

  • [New] HTTP HEAD Verb - API Endpoints and the External API Request function now support the HTTP HEAD verbm

  • [New] API Request Timeouts Increased to 60 Minutes - API Request timeout barrier increased to 60 minutes per request of longer, process-intensive business logic by some community members.

  • [New] Import CURL Improvements - Various import CURL command improvements were made to the External API Request function. Notably query string parameters for GET requests are no placed in the payload list for easy argument swapping.

  • [New] Count for Array Table Cells - A subtle count was added to the cells of arrays in the spreadsheet view for a quick view of how many items are present.



You can submit a suggestion, upvote, and comment for feature whishlist items.


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17 February 2022


Agency Plan 🀝

Introducing the Agency Plan: A New Way For Development Agencies, Freelancers, & Designers To Build Client Project Backends!

​Xano was created at an agency in order to build client projects faster. The Agency Plan boasts unique features and commission structure to address all of the pain points Xano's founding team felt when developing client projects. Some of the awesome features of this plan include:

  • Easy client set up & hand-off

  • Centralized management of client accounts

  • Robust and performant server

  • Private β€œinternal” marketplace

  • Shared income - earn % commission for every new sign-up

  • Xano partnership - eligible to receive β€œsourced” leads via Xano

  • And more!

If you want more details or to sign up to an Agency Plan, please visit xano.com/agency.

HIPAA Compliance β˜‘οΈ

Compliance & Security have always been cornerstones of Xano. We are proud to introduce our HIPAA Compliance & BAA offering. This offering is available for additional cost on our paid plans. Your server is migrated to a hardened location for enhanced security and a BAA is signed with your entity.

To add our HIPAA offering to your Xano plan, navigate to billing, select change plan, add HIPAA & BAA, and complete your checkout.

Instance Statistics Monitoring πŸ“ˆ

In a continuous effort to give you more eyes and ears into the health metrics of your instance, we've added instance statistics next to the resource monitoring graph. Paid plans now are able to see the statistics of their instance including:

  • Workspaces

  • Total Records

  • Database Tables

  • API Requests

  • Task Runs

  • Media Storage

  • Database Storage

As you click on your instance , statistics will be loaded to give you more insights on when you are nearing any limits. These statistics are updated a few times each day.


Query All Records

Query All Records is a flexible and powerful function in Xano. There is so much it can do. This comprehensive tutorial breaks down each component of the function so that you can learn how to leverage it in your Xano backend.

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout enables you to integrate with Stripe's self-hosted Checkout page to add payment collection to your application. This two-part video series covers how to set it up in Xano and Stripe and how to implement it in your front-end.


Regex (Regular Expression) support was recently added to Xano with five new filters and two comparison operators. This tutorial shows you how to use each of the new filters and operators.



  • [New] New Upgrade Flow to Increase Plan Limits - A new upgrade flow includes options to increase your plan limits with any extra features or add ons that you need. Add extra workspaces, team members, storage, etc. yourself to customize your plan your requirements. Additionally, you can include add ons such as premium support or HIPAA Compliance.

  • [New] External API Request Timeout Specification - Support was added to add a custom timeout length on external API requests. If you encounter an external API that takes a very long time respond, you may run into automatic timeout errors. This feature allows you to bump up the timeout time to keep your function stack running.

  • [New] Task History Improvements - More background tasks improvements! We've added support to show the status of a background task in progress. Previously only completed or failed tasks would appear. Additionally, tasks history now provides more than the most recent 10 task executions.

  • [New] Regex (Regular Expression) - Support for Regex or Regular Expression was added. Five new filters and two operators were added. See our documentation for how to use them:

    • [Filter] Regex_get_all_matches - Return all matches performed by a regular expression on the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_get_first_match - Return the first set of matches performed by a regular expression on the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_matches - Tests if a regular expression matches the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_quote - Update the supplied text value to be properly escaped for regular expressions.

    • [Filter] Regex_replace - Perform a regular expression search and replace on the supplied subject text.

    • [Operator] Regex matches - Finds results that matches the supplied regular expression.

    • [Operator] Regex does not match - Finds results that does not match the supplied regular expression.

  • [New] Get Parameter Support for Authentication Token - We added support for a get parameter on the endpoint URL for authentication tokens. This is useful for tools that are limited in passing Bearer tokens through the header. Read more in our documentation.

  • [New] Image/Attachments URLs Show Custom Domain - Images and attachments will now show the custom domain of an instance, if configured. Previously, while the custom domain worked, the Xano instance domain was defaulted.



There is now a board at xano.nolt.io dedicated to feature wishlist items from our community. You can submit a suggestion, upvote, and comment. This helps us plan new features and our product roadmap.


Don't forget to join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, get help on your Xano project, and so much more!



23 December 2021


CSV File Import πŸ”„

Our No Limits CSV Import is finally here! If you have data in a CSV file, you can now import it directly into your Xano database.

Millions of rows? No problem. The import process has dedicated resources, separate from your instance, so it can handle all of your data no matter how large it is. The CSV Import is easy. You can select Add Table in the database and choose the import option to create a new table. You can also update or append an existing database table by selecting the menu icon within the spreadsheet view. Check out more on the CSV Import in our documentation.

Function Timing Information of Background Tasks ⏱️

Function timing information has been reserved for API Request History and Run & Debug up until recently. Now Background Tasks also have function timing information. To view this, open task history and select one of the items. Detailed results of the timing of each step in the function stack will be shown. This information is helpful to zero in on potential issues, debug failed tasks and optimize business logic.

Twitter OAuth and Auth0 πŸ”

The marketplace received two big additions to the authentication section: Twitter OAuth and Auth0!

Want your users to be able to sign in to your application with their Twitter account? You can set this up with a few click thanks to the Twitter OAuth extension! Twitter OAuth enables user authentication via an existing Twitter account. See how to set this up in your workspace:

Auth0 (https://auth0.com/) is an industry-leading authentication provider. With Auth0 you can leverage nearly any authentication solution under the sun. It can be your one-stop shop to all things authentication. The standard Auth0 widget comes embedded with Auth0's own OAuth and Google OAuth. You can configure and integrate with additional authentication solutions via Auth0's developer portal. See how to set up Auth0 in Xano:


  • COMING IN 2022: AGENCY PLAN - The highly anticipated agency plan is coming at the beginning of 2022. Reserve your spot to receive an early access discounted rate. Spots are filling up fast! Check out xano.com/agency for plan details and to reserve your spot.


  • Launch Now on Dedicated Resources - We gave the Launch plan a major upgrade; it's now on dedicated resources. Previously Launch was on a shared resources environment.

  • Adjust Server Performance for Scale - Scale plan users now have the ability to adjust their instance's server performance to meet their application's computing demands as they grow.

  • Build (Free Plan) Record Limit Increased to 10,000 - The Build (free) plan has a new database record limit. We've bumped up the limit from 1,000 to 10,000 records.

  • Performance Improvements to Build - The Build instance recently received significant performance and optimization improvements. The build plan still remains on a shared resources environment where server resources are shared by users across the free instance.

  • Scale: Sub-Minute Frequencies on Background Tasks - Support was added for sub-minute frequencies on background tasks for the Scale and above plans. The frequencies include 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds.


  • Add Premium Support to your Instance - We've introduced premium support packages, which you can add to a paid Xano instance. To see the details please visit the Increase Plan Limits page in our documentation. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to select one of the three premium support options.



  • [New] Re-do Airtable Import Button - We added a re-do import button for Airtable imports. This makes it 1-click easy for you to update your database from an Airtable import. In the import history of the settings page, you can see your past Airtable imports. Each will have a re-do button. The settings from each import will be preserved so you can one-click to re-do an import with the same base, views, settings, etc.

  • [New] Passwords Hidden from API Request History - We've added detection to the API Request History to automatically hide password fields so you don't accidentally become exposed to a user's password.

  • [New] Custom Domains Used as Primary Option - Custom domains are now used as the primary option for managing workspaces. Previously the instance (Xano) domain held the primary role with custom domains as a secondary option for API requests and requiring a manual replacement. Now if you have a custom domain, it will take priority. Both domains will still work as before.

  • [New] OVERLAP Operator - Overlap was recently added as a new operator in the expression builder of the Query All Records function. The overlap operator is used to determine if any array's values overlaps another array's values.

  • [New] JSON Specs for Swagger Documentation - We added support to for JSON in Swagger Documentation. Open the spec URL at the top of your Swagger page and append ?type=json to the URL to view in JSON format. Previously, and by default, YAML was supported. See more in our documentation.

  • [New] Dot Notation Escape Sequence For Reference Keys with a Dot in the Key - Although rare, some external APIs may have reference keys or parameters that include a dot in the key name. We've added an escape sequence in dot notation to be able to accommodate this format, which is two sequential dots. Read more in our documentation


  • [New] Flatten - Flattens a multidimensional array into a single-level array of values.

  • [New] Safe_array - Always returns an array. Uses the existing value if it is an array or creates an array of one element.

  • [New] Is_array - Returns whether or not the value is a numerical indexed array.

  • [New] Is_object - Returns whether or not the value is an object.

  • [New] Is_text - Returns whether or not the value is text.

  • [New] Is_int - Returns whether or not the value is an integer.

  • [New] Is_decimal - Returns whether or not the value is a decimal.

  • [New] Is_bool - Returns whether or not the value is a boolean.

Xano T-shirts! πŸ‘•

One of our amazing customers Chris Duncan created a link on his storefront for anyone to purchase a Xano T-shirt. He sent samples to the whole team and they are super high quality and comfortable :). Check out the shirt and all the other apparel from his awesome Couraj brand!

Get a Xano T-shirt



Don't forget to join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, get help on your Xano project, and so much more!



9 November 2021


Xano's Product Hunt Launch 😻

On October 12th Xano went on Product Hunt for the very first time. We are overwhelmed with the support from the Xano community who showed up and helped us reach #2 for the day! A big thank you to everyone who showed support. Check out our Product Hunt announcement.

API Branches 🌲

API Branches is the highly anticipated solution for making different versions of your API. Branches allow you to make copies of your backend's Business Logic, which includes the API, Functions, Addons, and Background Tasks. This enables you to make changes, develop, and test your API and Business Logic without affecting what is live for your users.

When you create a new Branch, you can choose which existing version of your Business Logic to be the source branch from which to copy. When you're ready, easily set a new Branch live with the click of the mouse.

API Branches are available on the Scale and Enterprise plans. Please see the documentation for more information on API Branches.

Data Source Environments πŸš€

Data source environments allow you to easily switch between your live data and test data sources. This allows you to run tests without affecting your users' live data. A test data environment is an exact schema copy of your live data but doesn't copy your live data so you can have a fresh environment to run tests in.

Data source environments are available on the Scale and Enterprise plans. Read more in our documentation.

Add Comments to Functions πŸ’¬

We added support to add comments on functions in the function stack. If you want to rename functions to something that helps you remember what a step does or is more human-readable, now you can! Just hit the word bubble icon and enter text directly into the input box. If you hover over the function it will toggle back to the function name and return variable.


Build an App Similar to Airbnb with Xano and Bravo Studio

We collaborated with Bravo Studio, a no code app builder that turns your Figma or Adobe XD design into an app, to bring you a two-part series. These comprehensive tutorials show you how to go from ideation, to development of the backend, to design of the front-end, and how to connect it all to create a real app.

Working with Data in Xano - the Basics

This high-level video provides a great overview and foundation for how to go about working with data in the Function Stack. It covers the basics of what you need to know including functions, variables, dot notation, filters, and more.

External APIs

Two new tutorials on working with external APIs dropped. You can connect Xano to any external API and not every API is created equally. Check out these two new external API tutorials to enrich your understanding of how to connect an external API and how to work with the data received.



  • [New] File Upload Support for Run & Debug - A file upload was added to Run & Debug when there is a File Resource input. So now you can upload a file without leaving Xano. Run & Debug has always supported file URLs and base64 encoded files. Previously, you had to open Swagger to access a file uploader - but now it can all be done from within Xano.

  • [New] Premium Plans Updates - We made some notable changes to our Launch and Scale plans:

    • Regional Server Support added to Launch

    • Database Records Limit Removed from Launch and Scale

    • Users on paid plans now have the ability to update their server location and subscription type autonomously. This can be done by selecting Change Plan from the Billing page. (Please note: changing your server location will change your API base URL).

  • [New] Timing Information in Debugger & API Request History - The Debugger and API Request History now includes the timing results of each function. This allows you to understand even more information about how your API is performing and better identify where an issue may be.

  • [New] Autosave for For Each Loop Functions - We added autosave to the For Each Loop function so you never have to worry about saving the list that you are iterating through.

  • [New] Swagger Organized Like Xano - The API documentation via Swagger is now organized in the same format as Xano's API groups so you can uniformly view your API endpoints.

  • [New] Download CSV Support in Run & Debug - We added support to enable the Debugger to download a CSV file. You can do so by using the Set HTTP Header function and defining Content-Disposition: attachment;filename="example.csv"

  • [New] Airtable Rollups Added to Airtable Import - The Airtable import now supports Rollup data types. The a text copy of this data type will be imported to Xano. See a full list of supported Airtable data types.

  • [New] Contains Operator - The contains operator in the expression builder will assess if an array is a subset of another array.

  • [New] Shuffle Filter - The shuffle filters will shuffle the entries of an array randomly.

  • [New] Starter Template - The Starter Template is a special template designed to help you learn Xano and app development concepts. Accompanied with a tutorial, this template teaches you how to do things like authentication, Magic Link, conditionals, role based access control, loops, addons, and more!

  • [New] List Data Caching Functions via Redis - We introduced six new list Functions to the Data Caching via Redis Librar: (Add to Beginning of List, Add to End of List, Remove from Beginning of List, Remove from End of List, Get Length of List, & Get Range of Values From List).



Don't forget to join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, get help on your Xano project, and so much more!

10 September 2021


API Request History πŸ“ˆ

One of the most common feature requests is finally here! We are excited to rollout support for API request history. You can now monitor the request history of your API in detailed fashion.

From the dashboard, easily view the high-level statistics of the API request history from your entire Workspace. You can toggle between your database and top API requests to see which of your API endpoints are being hit the most. To the right, visualize your API request history with a graph displaying the statistics of the past 24 hours. Select 'View Request Details' to see a detailed view and history of each API call made in your Workspace.

You can expand each individual call to review detailed information including inputs, response and request headers, and the output. You can even drill-down on a per user basis to see the activity of each user in your application. Furthermore, you can view failed API calls here in order to help debug what went wrong. Finally, you can use these details to understand Webhook payloads to make it easier to build API endpoints that receive Webhooks.

It doesn't stop at the entire Workspace level. From each API group, you can see detailed history of the entire group. And from each API endpoint, you can see the history of the individual endpoint.

NEW Regional Server Location: Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Good news to all of our friendly users from Canada: Canadian server location has arrived! Our Scale plan and Enterprise options now have the added choice to select a server region in Montreal, Canada.

New Plans: Build, Launch, Scale, and Enterprise ⚑️

We redesigned our pricing and plan model in an effort to better serve and define your app building journey. The free plan is now called Build - for when you are starting out and beginning to build your ideas. The next tier is called Launch - for when you are ready to launch your application for the first time to a small group of users. The Scale plan is just the beginning of when you're ready to start scaling your application to the moon. You will be able to increase certain features and performance as your application scales to new heights. Our newest offering is Enterprise equipped to handle the special requirements of our Enterprise-level users.


Response Caching with External API Calls

Response caching enables you to significantly increase response times of API calls. External API calls can have large payloads and slow response times. See how you can leverage response caching when working with external APIs to improve performance and response times.

Functions: Data Transformation and Business Logic

Functions are the heart and soul of the super-powerful function stack. This tutorial goes into a high-level overview of functions, what they are, and how to use them. This is a great tutorial if you're just starting out with Xano or want a better understanding of the fundamentals.

NoCodeDevs Webinar Replay: Build and Launch a Two-Sided Marketplace

Watch the replay from our live webinar: Build and Launch a Two-Sided Marketplace like Airbnb. You'll see how to model and set up a database and how to build API endpoints for a two-sided marketplace. This event was hosted by NoCodeDevs!



Password Reset

Looking for an easy way to implement password reset or forget password functionality into your app? This Snippet allows you to do so with a few clicks! Make sure to watch the tutorial included.

Rental Marketplace from NoCodeDevs Webinar

Use the Snippet from the NoCodeDevs webinar: Build and Launch a two-sided marketplace. Pick up from where the webinar left off or use this Snippet to get an up-close look at how the two-sided marketplace was built.



  • [New] Date data type for fields and inputs - Now you can use a date as a data type for both database fields and API inputs. Xano initially only had support for timestamp but there are certain use cases where the time does not matter - just the date.

  • [New] Create File Resource Function - To upload content through the API you need to use the File Resource input first then create the image metadata. However, what happens if the image is being received in the Function Stack from an external API? Now you can use the new function Create File Resource to create a file resource from a variable from within the function stack. You will still need to create the image metadata but this unlocks more flexibility when working with images from external APIs.

  • [New] Include payload for Precondition output - You can now choose to include a payload with the output of a Precondition. In the event that a Precondition does not pass stops an API endpoint, there are times where you still want data from that API call.

  • [New] Added flexibility to IN operator - The IN operator in query expressions is now flexible for the array input to either be on the left or right of the operator - [1,2,3] in 1 vs 1 in [1,2,3].

  • [New] Snippet improvements - Snippets have had some improvements since the big launch last month. It is easier to select multiple API endpoints and include data. Also, you are able to include a YouTube or Loom video and additional helpful links to help other users utilize your Snippet.


  • [New] number_format - The number_format filter enables you to format numbers with decimal and thousand separators.

  • [New] diff - This array filter will return the entries from a first array that are not in a second array. Only values are used for matching in this filter

  • [New] diff_assoc - This array filter is returns the entries from a first array that are not in a second array. Both keys and values used for determining matches.

  • [New] intersect - This array filter returns the entries from a first array that are also present in a second array. Only values are used for matching.

  • [New] interest_assoc - This array filter returns the entries from a first array that are also present in a second array. Both keys and values are used for matching.



Don't forget to join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, get help on your Xano project, and so much more!

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