6 September 2023

The past month has brought tremendous enhancements to our Xano plans. We've significantly boosted performance on all paid plans, introduced a new Launch plan, and bolstered the Free plan. But that's not all, we added even more features and functionality - and continue to do so at an impressive pace. Plus, we're tackling more feature requests to ensure that Xano is shaped to serve the needs of our awesome supporters. There's even a special promotion that our friends at Adalo worked with us to put together. Check out all this and more below!

ğŸŽ‰ Special Offer: Bundle Adalo & Xano and Save!

We've partnered with Adalo to bring you a limited-time offer. First-time subscribers to Adalo's Team or Business plan can get a FREE Xano monthly Launch plan - that's a $99 value.

How To Get This Amazing Offer:

Subscribe to Adalo's Team or Business plan, and Adalo's team will email you with the specific details of how to take advantage of this offer. Don't wait! The opportunity is only valid through the end of the year.

To get the deal and see terms & conditions head over to Adalo.com/integrations/xano.

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚀 Xano Plans: Major Performance Upgrades, A New Launch Plan, & More

Major Performance Upgrades

We made some huge enhancements to all of our plans including a 40% performance increase to ALL of our paid plans.

A New Launch Plan

Earlier this month, we unveiled a more powerful, feature-rich Launch plan at a new price starting at $85/month annually or $99/month monthly. Some of the new features include:

  • Branching & Merging

  • Test Data Source

  • Cloud Storage Functions

  • 2X Performance Boost For Background Tasks

Existing Launch users don't need to upgrade to the new, enhanced Launch plan but can do so at a 20% discount before September 30th. The discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

A More Generous Free Plan

Our free plan is as generous as ever:

  • Record limit raised from 10,000 to 100,000 records!

  • API Rate Limit of 500 requests/day removed.

More Awesome Enhancements

  • Upgrade to unlimited background tasks for $29/mo

  • Scale Plan

    • Improved load balancing capacity

    • 2X performance boost on background tasks

    • Enterprise features available as add-ons (Database connectors, RBAC, Xano Link, and Static IP)

Not sure what plan to choose? We made a quick video to help you decide.

🦾 Try/Catch

Introducing the Try/Catch function! Try/Catch is a common programming statement that allows for error handling if detected in a set of logic, known as Try. If an error does occur, you can define another set of logic to execute called Catch. Learn more about this useful function in the video below.

⚙️ Direct Database Connector

The Direct Database Connector allows you to interact directly with the Xano PostgreSQL database and connect it to an external service that requires direct access. Previously, this was reserved as an Entperise feature but it's now available as an add-on for Scale plans! Read more in our documentation here.

ℹ️ Debug Log

Debug Log allows you to output data or messages to a temporary log, very similar to Javascript's console log feature. This can be useful for debugging long-running loops, larger function stacks, or just giving you quicker access to reviewing certain data points during execution.

You may have used Stop & Debug for something similar in the past; Debug Log takes this a huge step forward by allowing multiple data points to be logged without stopping the execution of the function stack.

🔍 Function Search

We added a search bar to the Add Function menu so you can quickly find and add functions to your function stack to reduce clicks.

🏗️ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • CSV Stream - efficiently iterate through CSV files regardless of file size without requiring large amounts of memory.

  • Static IP - Static IP address for outgoing API requests is now available as an add-on. This is commonly required by 3rd party API providers requiring an IP whitelist.

  • Whitelist/Denylist IP - new support within the Security Policy (Enterprise feature) for Whitelist/Denylist for IP addresses to control access to your API endpoints.

👀 Coming Soon

Have you checked out our roadmap? Here's a sneak peek at some things we're working on:

  • Console.log for Lambdas

  • Webp support for images

  • Support for automatically updating references to renamed database fields

📣 Other News & Announcements

  • Last month, we held an in-person meet-up in Denver led by our Community Manager, Liz Anaya Ramos. Interested in a Xano meet-up near you? Let Liz or myself know at community.xano.com!

  • I'm headed to the FlutterFlow Developer Conference in NYC on September 12th. Let me know if you'll be attending or find me there to get some Xano swag! 👕

  • We're steadily growing the team and adding more Customer Success members to help support you, keep an eye out for their introductions in the community!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead