9 February 2023

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  • Function Stack v2

    • Real-Time Team Collaboration

    • Flexible Edit and Publishing

    • Run & Debug With Drafts... and More!

  • Git Merge With Branches

  • Adalo Integration

  • New Tutorials

  • New Snippets

  • Community

Function Stack v2 ๐Ÿš€

The Function Stack received a major update that features Real-Time Collaboration: Edit your API simultaneously with your team just like a Google Doc! Other notable enhancements include draft support, run & debug improvements, bulk actions, and an enhanced UI/UX.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration enables you to edit your API simultaneously with your team, just like a Google Doc. Real-time presence informs you when a team member is working on the same Function Stack as you at the top of the page with their initials and the function stack item they are currently editing.

Real-time updates mean you will see all the changes made by your team members in real-time. This means no more needing to refresh your browser to see updates.

Global Presence shows where each team member in a workspace is working. You can easily click to jump to the same workspace location as another team member. From the Global Presence hub, you can also securely chat and notify everyone inside the workspace.

Flexible Edit and Publish With Draft Support:

Draft support enables you to make edits to your endpoint and publish them when youโ€™re ready. Drafts will keep track of each micro-change you (or your team members) make to a Function Stack, which you can easily roll back. Publishing your changes when youโ€™re ready as a new version means Version History is more meaningful and useful.

What about Run & Debug for Drafts?
Run & Debug is aware of your live drafts meaning you can test your changes in Xano before publishing a new version. Run & Debug is also cognizant of all drafts across the workspace! This is especially useful if youโ€™re working with a Custom Function and an API that itโ€™s referenced in. Before publishing, you can use Run & Debug with your changes on both objects.

Git Merge With Branches ๐Ÿฆพ

One of the most highly requested features is finally here! Merging is now available to support traditional development environments in Xano.

This powerful feature enables you to seamlessly integrate changes from one branch to another, much like a traditional development environment allows. This allows for streamlined collaboration and eliminates the need for manual merging, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors.

Adalo Integration ๐Ÿ”Œ

We are thrilled to announce an official integration with Adalo! With just one copy, click, and paste, Adalo gets all of your Xano database collections, including users! โ€” meaning you can have your entire database hosted with Xano. Plus, Adalo + Xano Progressive Loading! This means your data loads 7X faster than other external collections in Adalo.

See how to get started with the Adalo integration.

Special Offer ๐ŸŽ‰
To celebrate this we are partnering with Adalo to offer a limited-time Adalo + Xano Bundle. Don't miss your chance to bundle and save with both platforms.


Building Web Apps like Expert Developers with WeWeb + Xano

WeWeb is like Webflow, but for web applications. Create a pixel-perfect front-end, connect it to Xano, and build powerful workflows, all without coding.

Building Native Mobile Apps Quickly with Bravo Studio + Xano

An intro to Bravo Studio with Toby Oliver, CEO of Bravo Studio, and Prakash Chandran, CEO of Xano. Learn about what Bravo Studio is, why it's a great choice when building native apps for mobile, and why it's even better to use Xano as your backend for your native mobile app.

Sync your Webflow CMS with Xano

This video showcases an example of how you can sync your Webflow CMS with your Xano database. It covers how to edit and delete records in sync, and also whether or not you should consider setting up a regular sync between Webflow and Xano.

Upload FlutterFlow Images to Xano

In this video, we're going to walk you through how to upload images in FlutterFlow to your Xano database. Previously, this required using a Firestore database, but you are now able to use FlutterFlow's Backend Call to upload directly to Xano.


Our Developer Advocate has been launching new Snippets weekly to help you develop and learn faster in Xano. Don't know what a Snippet is? They are shareable APIs and backend components that can easily be installed in your Xano project. Read more here!

  • Stripe Secure Webhook - Secure your data sent from Stripe to Xano via webhook, following Stripe's recommended approach for manual verification.

  • Filter Query All Records With an Enum Value - Detailed example of how to filter a Query All Records function using an Enum value.

  • Invoice Number Generator - An invoice number is a unique code assigned to each invoice, which you can accomplish by ensuring every invoice number has the same number of characters. Check out how to do this in Xano!

  • Product Price by Quantity - Set your product prices based on the number of items ordered.

See more Snippets at Xano.com/snippets and on the Snippets Community page.



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