2 August 2023

Hi everyone! We have some outstanding new features to highlight from the past month. A couple of these features have been highly sought after for a long time by the community (and myself ğŸ˜Ž!). Re-ordering, disabling, and cloning filters - just like functions of the function stack - and converting a partial function stack to a custom function will make building in Xano even faster. But that's not all: look below to see how we're making it even easier to collaborate with teams, leverage Google Cloud Storage, manage Branches and Data Sources, and more!

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚀 Re-Order, Disable, and Clone Filters

Re-order, disable, and clone filters just like functions! I love this new functionality and I'm sure it will help boost your speed of development in Xano.

🦾 Convert Partial Function Stack to Custom Function

Yes! Convert a partial function stack into a custom function so you can reuse it across your workspace. Previously, you could only convert the entire function stack or nothing. Refactoring will create one return variable so any variables referenced in the new custom function will be nested within.

Enhanced Branches and Data Sources Management

Choose your color scheme to easily separate production from test environments. Defining a color scheme makes it crystal clear which Branch you are editing or which Data Source your workspace environment is currently in.

Your Data Source is now sticky on the left-hand navigation panel. You can quickly switch Data Sources by clicking on it from anywhere in your workspace. No more navigating back to the Database page to switch!

☁️ Google Cloud Storage

We made it No-Code easy to interact with your Google Storage Buckets directly in your Xano function stack! This is a serious game-changer for file-intensive applications wanting to leverage a Cloud Storage solution like Google. A predefined set of Xano functions lets you upload and delete files, generated signed URLs for security, list directories, and use files from the bucket as variables in Xano. Check out the documentation & watch below for more on these new functions!

👥 Database Real-Time Collaboration

We brought Real-Time Collaboration to the spreadsheet view! Now see where your teammates are editing and live updates in the spreadsheet just like a Google Sheet. This brings Real-Time collaboration to every aspect of your Xano workspace: Function Stacks and Database!

🏗️ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Post Process Variables - Post Process now enables some special variables: body, headers, and status_code to track and transmit the results of your Post Process statements.

  • Regex Validation Filters on Database Schema - Validate data entry with new Regex filters on the database schema.

  • New Premium Addons - RBAC and Xano Link, two previously exclusive Enterprise features, are now available as premium add-ons.

  • Run & Debug Support for Extras - Run & Debug now has support for custom extras in the auth token.

  • Redirect to Last Open Page - Want to enter where you left off the last time you were in Xano? This is now configurable from your account page.

    📺 Notable New Tutorials

🔦 Team Spotlight

Jake Spirek joined our Customer Success team earlier this year. As part of onboarding, Jake conducted a build project to learn Xano in a unique way. Check out the interactive Super Mario voting platform he built!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead