13 September 2022


  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Stream

  • Improved Loading for Large Workspaces

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security πŸ”

One of the most highly requested features is here! Now you can secure your Xano account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security. 2FA security requires the use of two different forms of identification to access and authenticate an account. It is an extra layer of security beyond email and password credentials that secures an account by requiring an authentication step from something that belongs to the user. This addition is yet another best practice supported by Xano to bulk data security.

You can enable 2FA security from the account page. You'll need an Authenticator App or Password Vault. To learn how to enable 2FA security please visit our documentation.

Stream ⚑

Introducing a new return type for the Query All Records function: Stream. Stream allows you to retrieve your database records in a memory-efficient way in order to be used in a For Each Loop. This allows you to avoid recursive workflows in order to transform or manipulate large datasets. Stream is only for use with For Each Loops. Returning a Query All Records function with a Stream return type will not produce any records in the result. See how to leverage Stream in the tutorial below!

Improved Loading for Large Workspaces πŸš€

We started to notice loading issues in workspaces with lots of objects such as API endpoints, functions, Addons, and tasks. We made performance optimizations to improve the loading of large workspaces in order to keep you building efficiently. This is part of our commitment to breaking down as many barriers as possible in your backend development journey.



A Webhook is an action that is triggered by an event. Webhooks are easy to set up in Xano to perform any action required for your use case. In this video, a Webhook is created to receive a form submission from Typeform to store the answers in the database.

Send Xano data to Webflow or Bubble using Fetch in Javascript

Learn how to send data from Xano to front-ends like Webflow or Bubble using fetch Javascript. We even included the custom code snippet used in this video so you can use it as a foundation.

Security Functions and Filters in Xano: An Introduction

Check out this introductory tutorial on security functions and filters. Learn the different security operations, how to encrypt and decrypt data, enforce data permissions, call external APIs with encryption, and more!

Calling GraphQL APIs in Xano

While it may be obvious that Xano can call any REST API, did you know Xano can call GraphQL APIs too? Check out this tutorial to learn more!



  • [New] Data Source Notice for Run & Debug on Tasks - Using Run & Debug in a background task will use the data source your workspace is currently set to. This can be confusing if the task is set to a different data source when scheduled. We added a notice to highlight if there is a different in data sources when utilizing the Run & Debug method.

  • [New] Null Values Treated as Empty Strings for Sprintf - Null values would generate an error when used as arguments in the sprintf filter. Now null values are automatically treated as empty text strings for this use case.

  • [New] Export Workspace Improvement - A new experience for exporting workspaces was added, which is friendly for extremely large workspaces. An email notification is sent when the export becomes available for download.

  • [New] Custom Domain Workflow Improvement - When entering a http/https URL via copy and past in the custom domain workflow, the hostname is automatically parsed.

  • [New] Angular 14 Upgrade for the Admin Panel - We upgraded the Admin Panel to Angular 14.


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