6 December 2022


  • Xano Raises $5m

  • JavaScript SDK

  • New Community Site

  • Connect Center and Webflow Connect

  • New Homepage Website

  • New Tutorials

  • Product Enhancements

  • Community

Xano Raises $5m to Prove No-Code Can Scale 🚀

We are thrilled to announce that we've raised $5 million to prove that No-Code can scale! We'd like to thank our amazing community of users for all the support and trust thus far -- we could not have done it without everyone. This funding will help us continue to improve Xano and bring you the best backend on the market. 

You can read the full details on our most recent round of fundraising and how it will help us achieve our mission to empower anyone to create scalable, world-class software.

Xano JavaScript SDK ⚡

The Xano JavaScript SDK has officially launched making it easier to connect your Xano APIs with JavaScript. The JS SDK is built in pure TypeScript. Under the hood, the SDK uses Axios, which is supported by all modern browsers and allows it to be compatible with NodeJS.

Access the Xano JS SDK from GitLab or find it on Xano.com/connect.

New Community Site 🦾

We launched our brand-new Community site! The Community is a resource that helps everyone ask questions, find answers, and seek help.

With the new site, we've dedicated categories to discussing and asking questions about your favorite No-Code front-ends and finding experts to help with your Xano project. You can earn points, climb the leaderboard, and earn badges by participating in discussions. An enhanced elastic search enables you to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for and easily find accepted answers to questions. All this and so much more are on our new Community site!

Sign up at community.xano.com!

Connect Center and Webflow Connect 🔌

Introducing our brand new Connect Center. The Connect Center will manage official integration with complementary tools. In tandem, we launched the first addition to the Connect Center: Webflow Connect!

You can connect Webflow to Xano via the Account page, once completed open a workspace you wish to use with Webflow and navigate to the Connect Center to enable Webflow. Once completed, a Webflow API Request will be available in the Function Stack to interact with Webflow as seamlessly as ever.

For the full breakdown of connecting Xano to Webflow and leveraging the Webflow API Request, check out the documentation and watch the tutorial below.

New Xano.com Website 🎉

We revamped our homepage giving you a fresh new look to learn and find everything you need to know about Xano. Go check it out at xano.com!


FlutterFlow + Xano - Building a To-do List App

Check out this full walkthrough of creating a To-do list application using Xano's marketplace template and a Flutterflow front-end.

WeWeb + Xano Full Tutorial - Connecting, Auth, & more!

This detailed tutorial takes you through the basics of using WeWeb with Xano. Learn how to get started in both tools, connect them, set up user authentication, and much more.

Common Xano Roadblocks for Beginners

This video is all about the most common roadblocks we see new (and seasoned) Xano users run into, and how to solve them.

Apple Sign-In

Use the Sign in with Apple REST API using Xano. This video will walk you through the authentication flow, how to execute that flow in Xano, and how to add these pre-built API endpoints to your Xano workspace.



  • [New] Fuzzy Search v2 - new fuzzy search functionality! expression groups, wildcard support, partial phrase matching, and prioritization targeting. Check out the tutorial for information on how to leverage it.

  • [New] Run & Debug friendly display of large arrays - Run & Debug results are now more friendly to displaying large arrays of data - a subset of entries are now shown with the ability to view more if required

  • [New] Full Luxon Library Support in Lambdas - all components of the luxon library are now supported in Lambdas.

  • [New] Nested Object Support for Diffs and Intersections Filters - The diffs and intersections array filters now support nested objects. Previously they only supported scalar arrays.

  • [New] Addon Improvements:

    • Addons were sensitive to input errors and all Addons would not process if any of them had an issue. Now only the Addon with an input error will stop working.

    • Addons are now preserved properly when switching from single / list to list with paging inside Query All Records.


We've recently added two new team members who you will be seeing more of very soon.

Brian, Developer Advocate
Brian will be working on developing new Snippets to help streamline common and advanced Xano use cases. Additionally, providing guidance in some of the more complex questions around performance and scalability.

Johanna, Customer Success Associate
Johanna is the newest member of the Customer Success team who will be helping answer questions, solve issues, and be an important part of contributing to the success of Xano users.



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Join Xano Builders on Slack

Xano Builders is a Slack workspace where you can interact with other Xano users. It's highlighted by the #build-room where you can initiate co-working sessions with other users on Zoom hosted by Xano. Simply look for the Build Room Bot and select start a new session.


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