5 October 2023

Hey everyone,

I'm excited for you to check out this month's product update. Our team has been hard at work implementing some features driven by our awesome community. We launched a brand new integration and enhancements to improve your workspace organization and Xano experience.

Best of all, we have been meeting more and more of you in person at our meet-ups! This past month we held a meetup in Austin, Texas, and have more coming this month in Chicago, Paris, and New York! Keep reading to see how you can RSVP to one of our upcoming in-person events; we'd love to meet you!

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚨 ncScale Integration

We love partnering with other powerful No-Code platforms. Now, from the Connect Center, you can integrate your Xano workspace directly with ncScale! NcScale is a No-Code tool that enables observability, monitoring, and enhanced logging for your API endpoints, background tasks, and function stacks.

NcScale allows you to store API request history and background task history for up to 30 days. Additionally, it gives you a birds-eye view of all your Xano business logic so you can identify any potential errors or bugs and quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

🦾 Condensed Function Stack

We've heard from many of you that the Function Stack can take up a lot of real estate on the page. We've introduced a default condensed Function Stack view to help. You can still switch back to the original, more expanded view with the click of a button. There's more to come to make this even better, we hope you enjoy the first step down this path.

🏷️ Tags

Tags help you organize different objects in your workspace. Tags can be applied to:

  • Database Tables

  • API Endpoints

  • Custom Functions

  • Tasks

Tags are available across all different pieces of a workspace. This means, for example, that a database table and an API endpoint can share the same tag. Tags work with Xano's universal search (Crtl/Cmd + K), so you can search for content by their associated tags. Plus you can click on a tag to see related objects with the same tag.

☁️ Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Functions

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Functions are now live for Launch and Scale plans! Last month, we launched Google Cloud Storage functions, and this month we've expanded upon these to enable Amazon S3. You can now manage and interact with Amazon S3 storage buckets directly from your Xano Function Stack. This continues to unlock file-intensive use-cases giving you full control over your files through your cloud storage provider of choice.

📈 Instance Usage Monitoring Graph Enhancements

In a continuous effort, we're listening to your feedback on giving you more and more insights into how your instance is performing. You now have the ability to view Lambda, Redis, and Tasks compute usage on your instance usage graph. There is also the option to toggle on and off each item, so it's easier for you to track the individual usage of each component.

🏗️ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Database Lock - lock database table rows on query all records and get record until a database transaction is complete.

  • Console.log for Lambdas - insert console.log(); statements into Lambda functions, and the output of those statements will appear in the Debug Log section of the Run & Debug panel.

  • Bulk Edit Custom Functions & Background Tasks - apply tags or delete in bulk for custom functions and background tasks.

  • Task History Improvement - support added for detailed information on which step of a background task is currently in execution.

  • WebP Image Support - support added for WebP image types as uploaded images inside Xano.

🇫🇷 No-Code Summit in Paris

The No-Code Summit is happening October 10th-11th in Paris. Come say bonjour at the Xano booth, and catch my presentation (October 10th at 4:15 pm) and Prakash's presentation (October 11th at 4:15 pm).

📣 More Upcoming Meet-ups & Events

  • We'll be hosting Xano meet-ups in the following cities this month:

    • Chicago (October 11th) - RSVP here

    • Paris (October 11th) - RSVP here

    • New York (October 24th) - Details coming soon - watch your inbox and Twitter!

  • I will also be at BubbleCon in New York City from October 24th-25th! If you're going let me know on Twitter (https://twitter.com/MichaelUdinski) or in the Community!

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead