6 November 2023

Hey everyone,

October was a thrilling month filled with events and big milestones. We held events in Chicago, New York, and Paris, in addition to attending the No-Code Summit and BubbleCon. It was such a pleasure meeting so many of you in person and learning from your feedback on how we can improve Xano. We also officially announced we closed our Series A, which is a huge testament to all your trust and support.

Our team was also hard at work on improving the product. Check out the exciting new enhancements we launched this past month below.

🌟 Highlights 🌟

🚨 Introducing 24-Hour Support (Monday-Friday)

We heard you loud and clear. Your workday doesn't always fit within our normal business hours, and you need support no matter when you're working in Xano. Our user base is diverse and global, and our support should be as well. That's why we're thrilled to announce that starting today, you can reach the Xano support team 24 hours a day. Whether you're diving into a project after hours in New York, or relying on Xano for your day-to-day operations in Tokyo, we'll be here to collaborate with you and ensure your experience is outstanding.

You can still count on the exceptional support you've come to expect from Xano, now with the added benefit of around-the-clock assistance.

Please note that while our weekday support is now continuous, weekend and holiday support remains exclusive to our premium support packages.

🌏 New Server Regions

We added more server regions for our growing customer base to have more control over where their data resides. We've long supported regions in the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, and India. In addition to these, we've added the following:

🌏 Indonesia (Jakarta)
🌍 France (Paris)
🌏 Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
🌍 Belgium
🌏 Japan (Tokyo)
🌏 South Korea (Seoul)

All our paid plans can choose the region of their choice at the time of upgrading. If you're already on a paid plan and wish to change your server location, follow these instructions.

🔐 Private Files Library

Store files in your Private Files Library and ensure that these files are not accessible via public URLs. Paired with the new Private Files function, you can generate signed URLs to your private files that will expire after a duration of time that you specify.

🏗️ Other Notable Product Enhancements

  • Input Renaming - When renaming an input you can now auto-update all references to the inputs in the function stack.

  • Custom SSL Certificates on External API Request - When building an external API request, you now can control settings related to SSL certificate verification.

  • Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Login for Enterprise - Support added for Azure AD Login for Enterprise plans.

  • Billing Page Enhancements - The billing page underwent a facelift so it's much clearer to understand each plan, their features, and what add-ons are available.

🫶 Community Events

Last month, we had the privilege of meeting so many of you in person at events like the No-Code Summit, BubbleCon, and our various meet-ups in New York, Chicago, and Paris.

  • No-Code Summit - we attended the No-Code Summit in Paris and were thrilled to meet so many of you in person! Thank you to all of you who said hello and your continued support of Xano. We hope to see you again next year!

  • Xano + WeWeb Meet-Up - while in Paris, we joined our friends at WeWeb to host a meet-up. We had an awesome turnout as people networked, chatted, and unwinded from the No-Code Summit.

  • BubbleCon - I attended BubbleCon in New York City, it was awesome to see such a large turnout and the exciting things coming to Bubble. I felt the love from all the Xano-Bubble builders in attendance.

  • New York - during BubbleCon I was able to host a meetup where we discussed feedback, feature requests, and networked.

  • Chicago - Chris hosted a meet-up in Chicago and got to many a handful of you for some great discussion and feedback sessions.

📣 Series A Funding

In case you missed it, we raised $10M for our Series A. (Check out our blog to learn more) Once again, we cannot thank you all enough for the endless support and trust for us to deliver the best backend on the market. We will continue to improve Xano in as many ways as possible and are excited for a future of many more milestones.

Have feedback on any of these excellent new features or in general? @ me at community.xano.com to let me know about it. Are there other features you're dying to see come to Xano? Add it to our feature request board or upvote it if it already exists there.


Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead