11 August 2022


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  • Ethers.js

  • API Request History Filters

  • Data Export Improvement

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Referenced By for Functions, Addons, & Database Tables 🔌

Referenced By was a highly requested feature by the Xano community. No more meticulous searching through a workspace to find out where certain objects are being used. Referenced by shows you exactly where in your Xano workspace are utilizing each custom function, Addon, and database table.

When viewing one of these objects in Xano, look for "Referenced By" - if they're being used elsewhere in the workspace, each dependency will be shown with a quick link to navigate there. Want to see Referenced By in action? Check out the tutorial below to see how handy this new feature is.

Ethers.js for Lambdas ☁️

Ethers.js allows you to leverage the Ethereum network within your Lambda stack. Lambdas allow you to use Javascript to supercharge your function stack. With Ethers.js support in Lambda functions, you can use Javascript to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethers.js library has all the capabilities of an Ethereum wallet. For example, you can use it to interact with MetaMask for your application.

API Request History Filters 📈

We just added two new filters to API Request History: Duration and Status.

The duration filter allows you to filter API request history based on the length of time it took an API endpoint to complete. This is especially helpful for evaluating response times and identifying efficiency improvements of queries.

The status filter lets you quickly filter your API endpoint results based on the status code. Status codes are an easy way to see the results of API endpoints: whether something was successful or ran into an error. The filter includes all the possible status codes and what they mean so you can easily identify any potential issues.

Data Export Utilizing Background Task 💪

Exporting data received a major improvement. The process has been moved to a background task-like process - similar to what's utilized for CSV imports. Now, when you export all your data, you can continue to navigate your workspace or even leave Xano. When your export is complete, you will receive an Email notification that the export is ready for download. Once it's ready, return back to the settings page of your workspace where you will find the file and can download it.


When to use Xano with Bubble featuring JJ Englert and Eli Beachy

​More and more people are using Xano alongside Bubble to supercharge their applications. We hosted a special event on August 6th alongside Bubble experts JJ Englert and Eli Beachy to discuss when to use Xano with Bubble including use cases, performance, and a whole lot more. Check out the replay above!

Xano and Webflow: Adding Blog Comments

Using Xano as a backend, this tutorial covers how to add comments to Webflow blogs and product reviews for a Webflow e-commerce platform.

2FA Authentication with Twilio

This tutorial covers how to leverage the Twilio Verify API in your Xano backend. Twilio's Verify API is a simple way to implement two-factor (2FA) authentication.


Aggregates are an essential tool for any type of reporting and analysis of your data. Xano's Query All Records function makes it no-code-easy to aggregate your data to learn meaningful insights.



  • [New] Database Backup Improvement - Database backups are now more efficient and less memory intensive. Some users were noticing performance issues during backups on extremely large data sets.

  • [New] Statement Count and Timing within Run & Debug - After using Run&Debug you will now see the total statement count and the overall duration of execution. This gives you a quick highlight without leaving the results section. If you want a more detailed view, just open up the debugger tab.

  • [New] MailParser - MailParser was added to Lambda support for more flexible Nodemailer support.

  • [New] Automatic Detection of New Lines on 3rd Party Certificates - Certificates from 3rd parties, like Outseta, would sometimes have newlines stripped out of the certificate due to a bad copy/paste. We have added support for automatic detection so that the certificates can be fixed on the fly.

  • [New] JWS/JWE Support for Public Key Signature Verification - JWS/JWE now supports public keys for signature verification. Previously, only private keys were supported.


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