23 December 2021


CSV File Import 🔄

Our No Limits CSV Import is finally here! If you have data in a CSV file, you can now import it directly into your Xano database.

Millions of rows? No problem. The import process has dedicated resources, separate from your instance, so it can handle all of your data no matter how large it is. The CSV Import is easy. You can select Add Table in the database and choose the import option to create a new table. You can also update or append an existing database table by selecting the menu icon within the spreadsheet view. Check out more on the CSV Import in our documentation.

Function Timing Information of Background Tasks ⏱️

Function timing information has been reserved for API Request History and Run & Debug up until recently. Now Background Tasks also have function timing information. To view this, open task history and select one of the items. Detailed results of the timing of each step in the function stack will be shown. This information is helpful to zero in on potential issues, debug failed tasks and optimize business logic.

Twitter OAuth and Auth0 🔐

The marketplace received two big additions to the authentication section: Twitter OAuth and Auth0!

Want your users to be able to sign in to your application with their Twitter account? You can set this up with a few click thanks to the Twitter OAuth extension! Twitter OAuth enables user authentication via an existing Twitter account. See how to set this up in your workspace:

Auth0 (https://auth0.com/) is an industry-leading authentication provider. With Auth0 you can leverage nearly any authentication solution under the sun. It can be your one-stop shop to all things authentication. The standard Auth0 widget comes embedded with Auth0's own OAuth and Google OAuth. You can configure and integrate with additional authentication solutions via Auth0's developer portal. See how to set up Auth0 in Xano:


  • COMING IN 2022: AGENCY PLAN - The highly anticipated agency plan is coming at the beginning of 2022. Reserve your spot to receive an early access discounted rate. Spots are filling up fast! Check out xano.com/agency for plan details and to reserve your spot.


  • Launch Now on Dedicated Resources - We gave the Launch plan a major upgrade; it's now on dedicated resources. Previously Launch was on a shared resources environment.

  • Adjust Server Performance for Scale - Scale plan users now have the ability to adjust their instance's server performance to meet their application's computing demands as they grow.

  • Build (Free Plan) Record Limit Increased to 10,000 - The Build (free) plan has a new database record limit. We've bumped up the limit from 1,000 to 10,000 records.

  • Performance Improvements to Build - The Build instance recently received significant performance and optimization improvements. The build plan still remains on a shared resources environment where server resources are shared by users across the free instance.

  • Scale: Sub-Minute Frequencies on Background Tasks - Support was added for sub-minute frequencies on background tasks for the Scale and above plans. The frequencies include 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds.


  • Add Premium Support to your Instance - We've introduced premium support packages, which you can add to a paid Xano instance. To see the details please visit the Increase Plan Limits page in our documentation. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to select one of the three premium support options.



  • [New] Re-do Airtable Import Button - We added a re-do import button for Airtable imports. This makes it 1-click easy for you to update your database from an Airtable import. In the import history of the settings page, you can see your past Airtable imports. Each will have a re-do button. The settings from each import will be preserved so you can one-click to re-do an import with the same base, views, settings, etc.

  • [New] Passwords Hidden from API Request History - We've added detection to the API Request History to automatically hide password fields so you don't accidentally become exposed to a user's password.

  • [New] Custom Domains Used as Primary Option - Custom domains are now used as the primary option for managing workspaces. Previously the instance (Xano) domain held the primary role with custom domains as a secondary option for API requests and requiring a manual replacement. Now if you have a custom domain, it will take priority. Both domains will still work as before.

  • [New] OVERLAP Operator - Overlap was recently added as a new operator in the expression builder of the Query All Records function. The overlap operator is used to determine if any array's values overlaps another array's values.

  • [New] JSON Specs for Swagger Documentation - We added support to for JSON in Swagger Documentation. Open the spec URL at the top of your Swagger page and append ?type=json to the URL to view in JSON format. Previously, and by default, YAML was supported. See more in our documentation.

  • [New] Dot Notation Escape Sequence For Reference Keys with a Dot in the Key - Although rare, some external APIs may have reference keys or parameters that include a dot in the key name. We've added an escape sequence in dot notation to be able to accommodate this format, which is two sequential dots. Read more in our documentation


  • [New] Flatten - Flattens a multidimensional array into a single-level array of values.

  • [New] Safe_array - Always returns an array. Uses the existing value if it is an array or creates an array of one element.

  • [New] Is_array - Returns whether or not the value is a numerical indexed array.

  • [New] Is_object - Returns whether or not the value is an object.

  • [New] Is_text - Returns whether or not the value is text.

  • [New] Is_int - Returns whether or not the value is an integer.

  • [New] Is_decimal - Returns whether or not the value is a decimal.

  • [New] Is_bool - Returns whether or not the value is a boolean.

Xano T-shirts! 👕

One of our amazing customers Chris Duncan created a link on his storefront for anyone to purchase a Xano T-shirt. He sent samples to the whole team and they are super high quality and comfortable :). Check out the shirt and all the other apparel from his awesome Couraj brand!

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