10 September 2021


API Request History πŸ“ˆ

One of the most common feature requests is finally here! We are excited to rollout support for API request history. You can now monitor the request history of your API in detailed fashion.

From the dashboard, easily view the high-level statistics of the API request history from your entire Workspace. You can toggle between your database and top API requests to see which of your API endpoints are being hit the most. To the right, visualize your API request history with a graph displaying the statistics of the past 24 hours. Select 'View Request Details' to see a detailed view and history of each API call made in your Workspace.

You can expand each individual call to review detailed information including inputs, response and request headers, and the output. You can even drill-down on a per user basis to see the activity of each user in your application. Furthermore, you can view failed API calls here in order to help debug what went wrong. Finally, you can use these details to understand Webhook payloads to make it easier to build API endpoints that receive Webhooks.

It doesn't stop at the entire Workspace level. From each API group, you can see detailed history of the entire group. And from each API endpoint, you can see the history of the individual endpoint.

NEW Regional Server Location: Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Good news to all of our friendly users from Canada: Canadian server location has arrived! Our Scale plan and Enterprise options now have the added choice to select a server region in Montreal, Canada.

New Plans: Build, Launch, Scale, and Enterprise ⚑️

We redesigned our pricing and plan model in an effort to better serve and define your app building journey. The free plan is now called Build - for when you are starting out and beginning to build your ideas. The next tier is called Launch - for when you are ready to launch your application for the first time to a small group of users. The Scale plan is just the beginning of when you're ready to start scaling your application to the moon. You will be able to increase certain features and performance as your application scales to new heights. Our newest offering is Enterprise equipped to handle the special requirements of our Enterprise-level users.


Response Caching with External API Calls

Response caching enables you to significantly increase response times of API calls. External API calls can have large payloads and slow response times. See how you can leverage response caching when working with external APIs to improve performance and response times.

Functions: Data Transformation and Business Logic

Functions are the heart and soul of the super-powerful function stack. This tutorial goes into a high-level overview of functions, what they are, and how to use them. This is a great tutorial if you're just starting out with Xano or want a better understanding of the fundamentals.

NoCodeDevs Webinar Replay: Build and Launch a Two-Sided Marketplace

Watch the replay from our live webinar: Build and Launch a Two-Sided Marketplace like Airbnb. You'll see how to model and set up a database and how to build API endpoints for a two-sided marketplace. This event was hosted by NoCodeDevs!



Password Reset

Looking for an easy way to implement password reset or forget password functionality into your app? This Snippet allows you to do so with a few clicks! Make sure to watch the tutorial included.

Rental Marketplace from NoCodeDevs Webinar

Use the Snippet from the NoCodeDevs webinar: Build and Launch a two-sided marketplace. Pick up from where the webinar left off or use this Snippet to get an up-close look at how the two-sided marketplace was built.



  • [New] Date data type for fields and inputs - Now you can use a date as a data type for both database fields and API inputs. Xano initially only had support for timestamp but there are certain use cases where the time does not matter - just the date.

  • [New] Create File Resource Function - To upload content through the API you need to use the File Resource input first then create the image metadata. However, what happens if the image is being received in the Function Stack from an external API? Now you can use the new function Create File Resource to create a file resource from a variable from within the function stack. You will still need to create the image metadata but this unlocks more flexibility when working with images from external APIs.

  • [New] Include payload for Precondition output - You can now choose to include a payload with the output of a Precondition. In the event that a Precondition does not pass stops an API endpoint, there are times where you still want data from that API call.

  • [New] Added flexibility to IN operator - The IN operator in query expressions is now flexible for the array input to either be on the left or right of the operator - [1,2,3] in 1 vs 1 in [1,2,3].

  • [New] Snippet improvements - Snippets have had some improvements since the big launch last month. It is easier to select multiple API endpoints and include data. Also, you are able to include a YouTube or Loom video and additional helpful links to help other users utilize your Snippet.


  • [New] number_format - The number_format filter enables you to format numbers with decimal and thousand separators.

  • [New] diff - This array filter will return the entries from a first array that are not in a second array. Only values are used for matching in this filter

  • [New] diff_assoc - This array filter is returns the entries from a first array that are not in a second array. Both keys and values used for determining matches.

  • [New] intersect - This array filter returns the entries from a first array that are also present in a second array. Only values are used for matching.

  • [New] interest_assoc - This array filter returns the entries from a first array that are also present in a second array. Both keys and values are used for matching.



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