17 February 2022


Agency Plan 🤝

Introducing the Agency Plan: A New Way For Development Agencies, Freelancers, & Designers To Build Client Project Backends!

​Xano was created at an agency in order to build client projects faster. The Agency Plan boasts unique features and commission structure to address all of the pain points Xano's founding team felt when developing client projects. Some of the awesome features of this plan include:

  • Easy client set up & hand-off

  • Centralized management of client accounts

  • Robust and performant server

  • Private “internal” marketplace

  • Shared income - earn % commission for every new sign-up

  • Xano partnership - eligible to receive “sourced” leads via Xano

  • And more!

If you want more details or to sign up to an Agency Plan, please visit xano.com/agency.

HIPAA Compliance ☑️

Compliance & Security have always been cornerstones of Xano. We are proud to introduce our HIPAA Compliance & BAA offering. This offering is available for additional cost on our paid plans. Your server is migrated to a hardened location for enhanced security and a BAA is signed with your entity.

To add our HIPAA offering to your Xano plan, navigate to billing, select change plan, add HIPAA & BAA, and complete your checkout.

Instance Statistics Monitoring 📈

In a continuous effort to give you more eyes and ears into the health metrics of your instance, we've added instance statistics next to the resource monitoring graph. Paid plans now are able to see the statistics of their instance including:

  • Workspaces

  • Total Records

  • Database Tables

  • API Requests

  • Task Runs

  • Media Storage

  • Database Storage

As you click on your instance , statistics will be loaded to give you more insights on when you are nearing any limits. These statistics are updated a few times each day.


Query All Records

Query All Records is a flexible and powerful function in Xano. There is so much it can do. This comprehensive tutorial breaks down each component of the function so that you can learn how to leverage it in your Xano backend.

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout enables you to integrate with Stripe's self-hosted Checkout page to add payment collection to your application. This two-part video series covers how to set it up in Xano and Stripe and how to implement it in your front-end.


Regex (Regular Expression) support was recently added to Xano with five new filters and two comparison operators. This tutorial shows you how to use each of the new filters and operators.



  • [New] New Upgrade Flow to Increase Plan Limits - A new upgrade flow includes options to increase your plan limits with any extra features or add ons that you need. Add extra workspaces, team members, storage, etc. yourself to customize your plan your requirements. Additionally, you can include add ons such as premium support or HIPAA Compliance.

  • [New] External API Request Timeout Specification - Support was added to add a custom timeout length on external API requests. If you encounter an external API that takes a very long time respond, you may run into automatic timeout errors. This feature allows you to bump up the timeout time to keep your function stack running.

  • [New] Task History Improvements - More background tasks improvements! We've added support to show the status of a background task in progress. Previously only completed or failed tasks would appear. Additionally, tasks history now provides more than the most recent 10 task executions.

  • [New] Regex (Regular Expression) - Support for Regex or Regular Expression was added. Five new filters and two operators were added. See our documentation for how to use them:

    • [Filter] Regex_get_all_matches - Return all matches performed by a regular expression on the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_get_first_match - Return the first set of matches performed by a regular expression on the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_matches - Tests if a regular expression matches the supplied subject text.

    • [Filter] Regex_quote - Update the supplied text value to be properly escaped for regular expressions.

    • [Filter] Regex_replace - Perform a regular expression search and replace on the supplied subject text.

    • [Operator] Regex matches - Finds results that matches the supplied regular expression.

    • [Operator] Regex does not match - Finds results that does not match the supplied regular expression.

  • [New] Get Parameter Support for Authentication Token - We added support for a get parameter on the endpoint URL for authentication tokens. This is useful for tools that are limited in passing Bearer tokens through the header. Read more in our documentation.

  • [New] Image/Attachments URLs Show Custom Domain - Images and attachments will now show the custom domain of an instance, if configured. Previously, while the custom domain worked, the Xano instance domain was defaulted.



There is now a board at xano.nolt.io dedicated to feature wishlist items from our community. You can submit a suggestion, upvote, and comment. This helps us plan new features and our product roadmap.


Don't forget to join the Xano Community to see the latest announcements, product updates, tutorials, get help on your Xano project, and so much more!