30 March 2022


  • Faceted Filtering

  • Developer API

  • Move API Endpoints

  • New Tutorials

  • Agency Plan Enhancements

  • Product Enhancements

Faceted Filtering ๐Ÿš€

Faceted filtering is now available in the spreadsheet view of the database. Filter records with precision to manage and sift through database tables.

The filter action resembles the by custom query functionality of the Query All Records function in the function stack. You can chain filters with and, or, and group statements. Additionally, a wide variety of operators give you the flexibility you need to filter your records exactly how you want.

Developer API - Connect your Xano account securely to other services ๐Ÿ”

The Xano Developer API enables you to interact with your Xano account in an automated fashion. It gives you the ability to consume the Swagger/OpenAPI documentation of your API Groups.

Due to Xano's single-tenant architecture, there are specific authentication steps required starting with the Developer API Key. You can generate a Developer API Key on your account page. Once you have the Developer API Key, you can authenticate against the Xano master service and start to traverse through your account from an Instance to Workspace and finally to an API Group to consume the Swaggerspec.

You can read more about how to use the Developer API in our documentation or watch the tutorial below.

Move API Endpoints to Different API Groups ๐Ÿ”€

We have added support for moving API Endpoints to different API Groups. This feature helps alleviate and improve organization of your API in a smooth workflow.

To move an API Endpoint, open the menu icon of the individual endpoint and select move. Optionally add additional API Endpoints to move then select which API Group is the destination - you can even create a new API Group on the fly. Finally, decide if you want to leave a copy of the API Endpoint in the original group.

You can also bulk-move API Endpoints from the group view by selecting the menu icon on the heading of Endpoints.Keep in mind API Groups have different canonicals meaning the endpoint URL will be different when it moves groups.


Using Xano with Bubble

Bubble recently hinted at changing their plans which prompted a lot of questions around how to use Xano and Bubble together. This video covers how Xano can supercharge your Bubble experience.

Function Video Series: Database Requests

We're bringing you tutorials on every function in the function stack so you can get a better understanding of how to use them. The first set of tutorials are now published: The Database Requests functions. Be on the lookout for new videos as part of the function video series over the next several weeks.

Google OAuth with Xano Webflow

Enable your Webflow users to log in using Google. This video reviews OAuth2, which is the mechanism used to enable authentication with a third-party service, how you can use the no-code backend Xano to enable your users to sign in with Google, and finally, how to bring it all together using JavaScript and Webflow.

SHOUT-OUT to our customer Sina Azizi for creating the foundation and impetus for this tutorial.


  • [New] Workspace Transfer of Ownership - Agencies can transfer ownership of a workspace to a client's instance. See how in our documentation.

  • [New] Securely Share Private Snippets with One-Time-Use Tokens - Generate a one-time-use token on a private snippet to enable secure sharing. Read more in our documentation.

  • [New] Commission Dashboard - Easily view the detailed breakdown of your commission and payouts for your Agency.

  • [New] Client Invite Workflow for Existing Xano Users - The workflow for inviting an existing user as a client to your Xano Agency plan received robust improvements.



  • [New] New Date and Datetime Picker - A new date and datetime picker is now being utilized across Xano. You will find this easy to use picker in the spreadsheet view of the database and in the scheduler of background tasks. The format will follow what is chosen in your account settings.

  • [New] New JSON Editor using Monaco (VS Code) - A new and improved JSON editor has been added, it utilizes Monaco (VS Code). Check it out when adding inputs to the Debugger, using Import JSON, or the JSON schema type in the spreadsheet view.

  • [New] Audio Attachments - We've added support for a new media storage type: Audio attachments.

  • [New] Import CSV to Test Data Source - You can now import a CSV to your test data source. Before it only worked on the live data source. Test data sources are available beginning on the Scale plan.

  • [New] Raw Encrypt and Decrypt Functions and Filters - Support was added for raw Encrypt and Decrypt both as functions and in the filters. Supported algorithms include: aes-128-cbc, aes-192-cbc, aes-256-cbc, aes-128-gcm, aes-192-gcm, aes-256-gcm. You can see more in the documentation.

  • [New] Base64_Encode_URLsafe and Base64_decode_URLsafe - We added two new base64 encode and decode filters that encode/decode in a URL safe format.

  • [New] Remove Filter Includes Strict Type Matching Option - Strict type matching option was added to the remove array filter. Example if you want to remove 0 but not null, enable strict type matching so you only remove 0 and not a value of null in your array,.

  • [New] HTTP HEAD Verb - API Endpoints and the External API Request function now support the HTTP HEAD verbm

  • [New] API Request Timeouts Increased to 60 Minutes - API Request timeout barrier increased to 60 minutes per request of longer, process-intensive business logic by some community members.

  • [New] Import CURL Improvements - Various import CURL command improvements were made to the External API Request function. Notably query string parameters for GET requests are no placed in the payload list for easy argument swapping.

  • [New] Count for Array Table Cells - A subtle count was added to the cells of arrays in the spreadsheet view for a quick view of how many items are present.



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