9 November 2021


Xano's Product Hunt Launch 😻

On October 12th Xano went on Product Hunt for the very first time. We are overwhelmed with the support from the Xano community who showed up and helped us reach #2 for the day! A big thank you to everyone who showed support. Check out our Product Hunt announcement.

API Branches 🌲

API Branches is the highly anticipated solution for making different versions of your API. Branches allow you to make copies of your backend's Business Logic, which includes the API, Functions, Addons, and Background Tasks. This enables you to make changes, develop, and test your API and Business Logic without affecting what is live for your users.

When you create a new Branch, you can choose which existing version of your Business Logic to be the source branch from which to copy. When you're ready, easily set a new Branch live with the click of the mouse.

API Branches are available on the Scale and Enterprise plans. Please see the documentation for more information on API Branches.

Data Source Environments 🚀

Data source environments allow you to easily switch between your live data and test data sources. This allows you to run tests without affecting your users' live data. A test data environment is an exact schema copy of your live data but doesn't copy your live data so you can have a fresh environment to run tests in.

Data source environments are available on the Scale and Enterprise plans. Read more in our documentation.

Add Comments to Functions 💬

We added support to add comments on functions in the function stack. If you want to rename functions to something that helps you remember what a step does or is more human-readable, now you can! Just hit the word bubble icon and enter text directly into the input box. If you hover over the function it will toggle back to the function name and return variable.


Build an App Similar to Airbnb with Xano and Bravo Studio

We collaborated with Bravo Studio, a no code app builder that turns your Figma or Adobe XD design into an app, to bring you a two-part series. These comprehensive tutorials show you how to go from ideation, to development of the backend, to design of the front-end, and how to connect it all to create a real app.

Working with Data in Xano - the Basics

This high-level video provides a great overview and foundation for how to go about working with data in the Function Stack. It covers the basics of what you need to know including functions, variables, dot notation, filters, and more.

External APIs

Two new tutorials on working with external APIs dropped. You can connect Xano to any external API and not every API is created equally. Check out these two new external API tutorials to enrich your understanding of how to connect an external API and how to work with the data received.



  • [New] File Upload Support for Run & Debug - A file upload was added to Run & Debug when there is a File Resource input. So now you can upload a file without leaving Xano. Run & Debug has always supported file URLs and base64 encoded files. Previously, you had to open Swagger to access a file uploader - but now it can all be done from within Xano.

  • [New] Premium Plans Updates - We made some notable changes to our Launch and Scale plans:

    • Regional Server Support added to Launch

    • Database Records Limit Removed from Launch and Scale

    • Users on paid plans now have the ability to update their server location and subscription type autonomously. This can be done by selecting Change Plan from the Billing page. (Please note: changing your server location will change your API base URL).

  • [New] Timing Information in Debugger & API Request History - The Debugger and API Request History now includes the timing results of each function. This allows you to understand even more information about how your API is performing and better identify where an issue may be.

  • [New] Autosave for For Each Loop Functions - We added autosave to the For Each Loop function so you never have to worry about saving the list that you are iterating through.

  • [New] Swagger Organized Like Xano - The API documentation via Swagger is now organized in the same format as Xano's API groups so you can uniformly view your API endpoints.

  • [New] Download CSV Support in Run & Debug - We added support to enable the Debugger to download a CSV file. You can do so by using the Set HTTP Header function and defining Content-Disposition: attachment;filename="example.csv"

  • [New] Airtable Rollups Added to Airtable Import - The Airtable import now supports Rollup data types. The a text copy of this data type will be imported to Xano. See a full list of supported Airtable data types.

  • [New] Contains Operator - The contains operator in the expression builder will assess if an array is a subset of another array.

  • [New] Shuffle Filter - The shuffle filters will shuffle the entries of an array randomly.

  • [New] Starter Template - The Starter Template is a special template designed to help you learn Xano and app development concepts. Accompanied with a tutorial, this template teaches you how to do things like authentication, Magic Link, conditionals, role based access control, loops, addons, and more!

  • [New] List Data Caching Functions via Redis - We introduced six new list Functions to the Data Caching via Redis Librar: (Add to Beginning of List, Add to End of List, Remove from Beginning of List, Remove from End of List, Get Length of List, & Get Range of Values From List).



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